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August Banner Article: Milestone PMU Council Annual Meeting Kicks Off New Season of Labors by Dr. Len Pine

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

The PMU Missions Council met for its 33rd annual meeting on August 1 in Lakeland, Florida, the day prior to the annual Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church. After opening with prayer and listening to an inspirational address by retiring three-term President, Pastor G.W. Fisher, the body commenced its work in earnest. Among the first items of business was to elect a new President. Pastor James S. Blizzard, pastor of the Lakeland BPC, was elected to serve in the coming year. We look forward to President Blizzard’s efforts at the Council’s helm.

After a year of what seemed like backward steps as missionaries came home, PMU rebounded in a big way, particularly on the church planting front. Four church planters presented their work to the Council for support (Rev. Andy Yong, Tacoma, WA; Rev. Frank Liu, St. Paul, MN; Rev. Roberto Boselli, Boca Raton, FL; and Mr. Jason Waeber, Cincinnati, OH), the highest number in any single year ever. We rejoice in the Lord’s leading in the lives of these men and their congregations. And others are also in the works. Much funding will be needed to support these works in the coming years!

Overseas missions efforts also occupied a large portion of the agenda. Rev. Doug Leaman presented a substantial proposal for consideration to shift his ministry focus in Brazil to establishing a pastoral care project (providing counseling for pastors and their families), which was approved. Rev. Leaman has already begun some of the initial steps toward implementation. A major goal is to raise the majority of the funding from Brazilian sources. A new foreign missionary candidate, Rev. Louis Cloete, received the Council’s approval to begin raising support to establish a church planting and biblical counseling focused ministry in South Africa. Of course, the other usual reports from existing fields of Cambodia and Myanmar were taken in turn. A foreign Team Timothy ministry to Peru was approved for January of 2020.

Finally, the home office leadership transition and budget process rounded out a very full twelve-hour-plus day. Please pray for, and support with your time and funds as you are able, PMU’s Council, staff, and missionaries (home and foreign) as they labor for the cause of Jesus Christ through Bible Presbyterian missions in this exciting new season of growth!


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