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Posted on Jan 8, 2012

Christians in Brazil grow up in a radical culture. New legislation will make it illegal to discipline according to the ancient standards of God’s Word. Brazil can rightly be called “The Gay Empire.” The annual “carnival” is an effusion of deviant sexuality. Crime is commonplace.  Dishonesty and corruption in finances are the norm. Brazil is dangerous; most live in guarded apartment complexes, and the few brave enough to live in houses are surrounded by walls with electric wires or broken bottles on top. Americans know these evils, but Brazil is perversion on steroids.

The spirituality of Brazil is difficult for Americans to understand. Spiritism is rapidly advancing with the help of major media, the rich and famous, literature, and the many centers of spirituality. Getting in contact with the “dead” is popular culture in Brazil. There are spiritist doctors who perform “spiritual” surgeries. When someone close to you dies in Brazil you can hear them speak to you or have them pass on a message in their own hand-writing (psychography)! Sadly, Spiritism comes in clothes of white ostensibly helping the poor and needy and even using the name of Jesus.

A Brazilian is surrounded by the deadness of the Roman Catholic Church or by the “evangelical” craze of the name-it-and-claim-it/wealth, health, and prosperity “gospel.” Atheism is another growing trend. This austere system leads to the untenable position that “life is meaningless” and will most likely not continue to attract the masses. With these options around it is no major surprise that the ancient pagan religions of animism and spirituality are enjoying a resurgence.

No man can gain the victory in the face of such enemies. Some may ask, “Why fight this battle in Brazil then? Why take your Mid-western wife and six precious young boys into this kind of warfare?” We have already entered the fray. Only negligence or cowardice could keep us from engaging these hostile forces. What is our hope in the face of such enemies? The gospel is our only hope and weapon. We pray that you will join with us in this spiritual battle.  “Ebenezer…’Till now the LORD has helped us.’” (1 Sam 7:12). — Elder Doug Leaman

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