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Day in the Barn

July Banner Article: A Typical Day in the Barn by Mrs. Karen Pine

Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Some may wonder what happens in a typical day in the small barn office of PMU, tucked away in North Idaho. It’s an odd setting for a missions’ office, but it has served well these past seven years.  The office is split into two smaller office spaces, housing three desks.  At the Field Director’s desk, Dr. Len Pine is kept busy with correspondence with Council members, pastors, missionaries, potential missionaries, and interested persons pursuing affiliation with PMU or the BPC.  He also gives approvals for financial considerations, oversees every publication that leaves the office, and supervises the staff, not to mention his leadership of the current Team Timothy and preparation for the annual meeting and Synod.

The second desk is occupied by the Office Manager, me.  Surrounded by files, file drawers, and, yes, quite honestly often stacks of papers, I seek to maintain the workflow of PMU.  Assistant to the Field Director, Publications, and Bookkeeping would be appropriate job titles that summarize what happens at this desk.  No two days are really alike, and even though we have had a few missionaries retire, the work pace has not slackened.  In order to maintain a nonprofit, much varied work has to happen. To name a few of the things that happen at this desk; there are State reports to complete, payroll to run, bills to pay, newsletters and prayer requests to edit and publish, a database to maintain, correspondence with missionaries to write (we assist missionaries by editing, printing, and mailing their prayer letters, etc.), new churches to contact, manuals to maintain, an annual meeting to prepare for, travel to arrange, business licenses to acquire, etc.

At the third desk sits the part-time Assistant to the Office Manager, Miss Rachel McMillan. She is responsible for preparing publications for mailing (including our postal bulk Banner mailing), preparing prayer requests, creating PMU videos, filing, computer file maintenance, answering the phone, etc.

So, the truth is; there is no typical day in the PMU office.  There is routine work that must be done, but not much moss grows in this old barn.  And your contributions and support of the General Fund help keep it all moving.  It helps our missionaries by providing the clerical support they need, pays for the postage on our publications (including prayer letters), keeps the lights on, and provides compensation for the work accomplished.  Thank you to those who support this fund!  If you don’t already support the General Fund, would you consider supporting it?  The work in the next 14 months, as the office is transitioned from Idaho to Ohio is going to cost money – hiring new staff, training travel, and new office set up has stretched the General Fund budget to new heights in 2019, a budget line we try to keep as low as possible.  We could use your help, even if short term.

Please remember the office staff as we prepare for and walk through this office transition.  Our goal is to do excellent work for a more excellent God.  May He get all the glory!

Mrs. Karen Pine

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