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Leaman Article

June Banner Article: Meet Lucas, a Biblical Counseling Student by Rev. Doug Leaman

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

I hope it will be interesting for those of you who are praying and supporting us to hear from one of the biblical counseling students. Lucas was a captain in the military, an excellent calling, but has decided to give up the noble service of arms in order to be able to better wield the Sword of the Spirit. Lucas writes,

“During my life, I had three main turning points. The first, of course, happened when I met the cross and understood justification by faith in Jesus. I was born in the south of Brazil, in a Spiritist family, and He found me as an atheist serving in the military. When Jesus called me I was living a very wicked life and in the midst of many relational problems. Then, when I met Reformed Theology, my whole humanistic worldview came down. And now, at last, biblical counseling is changing much that I understood about the Christian life. I heard about biblical counseling but never knew what it was and never imagined that someday God would be directing my life to this area. Pastor Douglas presented this amazing biblical discipline to me, and it is becoming very significant in my life. My whole life is changing: my personal relationship with Christ, my marriage, and parenting. I am really amazed by the practical impact that biblical counseling has, and, as I study, the first great benefit has been the opportunity to have my own sins exposed and dealt with. Many “logs,” by the grace of God, are being removed from my own eyes in this marvelous operation. Moreover, I hope that this impact will not only transform my own and my family`s life but that I could serve God’s people, too. I already had the meaning of the Bible explained to me, but I never saw it with such powerful implications and applications. Therefore, I started my certification process at ACBC and will start my post-graduate work in biblical counseling at the SPN Seminary in Recife. Moreover, I hope to start the supervised counseling ministry after the exams. I believe that Christians in Brazil really need to understand and practice biblical counseling, as we clearly see that many times the truths that we read and hear about have little impact in our daily lives. We need strong Christians, mature disciples, able to help others who are suffering, in need, and confused in their pilgrimage; and I see these needs being met through the sufficiency of God’s Word.”

Rev. Doug Leaman, Missionary to Brazil

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