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October 2018 Prayer Letter from Rev. Leaman in Brazil (with video links)

Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How can we better serve and spread the redemptive work of Jesus Christ in Brazil? The answer provided in this letter is the culmination of over two years of prayer, advice, and thought. The PMU Missions’ Council has been working with me on these plans and has given us their support to move forward. It will be difficult to summarize the ministry needs, goals and opportunities in such a brief way, but I will try to give you an overview of this new door God is opening in Brazil.

I have come to believe the best strategic way to serve our LORD in Brazil is to develop a biblical counseling ministry especially focused on the care of pastors, leaders, and their families. Over the years we have seen a great need of a refuge for broken, discouraged, and discontented leaders who need counsel and encouragement. The many Brazilian pastors and elders who were interviewed about this project were unanimous in affirming this project and that it would be a tremendous blessing for God’s people in Brazil.

“The best strategic way to serve our LORD in Brazil is to develop a biblical counseling ministry especially focused on the care of pastors, leaders, and their families.”

Are there other opportunities, beyond the seminary teaching, to strengthen and support the body of Christ? Yes, we believe there is a tremendous opportunity to impact lives for eternity in the following ways: evangelism, teaching on the sufficiency of the Word, biblical worldview, marriage and family, as well as providing a place for church camps and retreats, events for Christian youth and events to strengthen Christian families and marriages. All this would be done alongside and with local churches.

Let me tell you about what God has done. A beautiful parcel of land near Recife, dedicated solely for evangelical purposes has been underutilized for years. The governing board of the land approached me and asked if I would be interested in stewarding this land for the Lord’s glory! They would be giving the land for our care and use for many years (at least until 2033 with a renewable clause). We are getting all the legal documents finalized and moving forward, and architects have been working on different stages of development. There is so much that could be done alongside God’s people!

God has given the mission in Brazil a precious opportunity for aiding and strengthening the Bible believing churches and proclaiming the gospel in Brazil. We are seeking wisdom on the best way to get our family moved to this land for a first big step. We are urgently seeking prayer and wisdom on whether we should build an on-site mission house that would belong to the project or rent a place near the land. We may live in a dormitory on the property to provide immediate oversight and care until we find a better solution. We are continually overwhelmed with your support and care for our family and ministry. Thank you. We are so excited to see what God will do!

Below, I am sharing two video links that describe the goals of this new ministry which we have named Sola Ministries.  I pray they may help you understand this ministry opportunity better.

Rev. Douglas Leaman


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