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November 2018 Prayer Letter from Rev. Yong in Tacoma, WA

Posted on Nov 8, 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

How have you been? I hope you are all living in the peace of our Lord. I thank you for your prayers and financial support. I have been serving Covenant BP mission by your support and the grace of the Lord.

In September, my uncles and aunts visited our church from Korea. It was meaningful to worship God with them because they have always prayed for our mission church from a distance but never had a chance to see it in person. Soon after they left, my brother’s family visited us from China. Since his family moved to China, I haven’t seen them in four years. I was so thankful to spend a vacation with them and my parents.

I started a Christian family seminar on the last Saturday of September. It is not the purpose of this seminar to simply solve economic, moral, and emotional problems that arise in the family. It is also not the purpose of this seminar to meet other families and to hear each other’s problems for simply feeling better. The purpose is the preaching of Jesus Christ. The purpose is to preach the gospel of salvation so that the sinless Christ becomes the Head of the family. The purpose is to make it possible to form their standards of judging and resolving all the problems of the family from the Word of God. The purpose is to make all the family members more dependent on the Holy Spirit. I ask for your continued prayers so that many people who do not know Jesus yet and who think of Christianity as a mere religion would come and hear the gospel.

The purpose is to preach the gospel of salvation so that the sinless Christ becomes the Head of the family.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we have one more reason to give thanks to God. We are expecting our first daughter. I thank God who granted a safe pregnancy until now. Please pray for Jin for a safe delivery.

Since October, Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church, where our mission church meets, has begun remodeling. Please pray for the grace of God toward our mission church so that our meeting would not be greatly affected during the construction period, which is expected to last until next spring. I also ask your prayers that God would use Tacoma BPC and our mission church even more in this area after the construction.

Recently I went to a seminar for the 501st anniversary of the Reformation held by the Korean-American Missions Association. But, I was disturbed because I did not hear what I expected. There was a presentation that the Church should reform its traditional ministry for the next generation because young people do not come to church. Another presentation said that theological education should be reduced in the church, and the spiritual movement should be emphasized more. The other presentation insisted on inter-denominational missions rather than narrow-minded denominational missions. I believe these are not worthy topics to celebrate the Reformation which was bought by the blood of many faithful believers. I believe they should say, in order to please God, that the form of ministry must come from God’s Word, not men’s imagination.  They should say that without theological understanding, the spiritual movement could be dangerous because it can be biased by subjective feelings. They should say that God is more delighted with biblical separatism than undiscerning unity of missions like WCC (World Council of Churches) advocates.

Please pray that many Reformed churches can be wisely and rightly built in the Korean-American community in Washington State. Soli Deo Gloria!

Rev. Myungjoong Andy Yong

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