John the Apostle says that there is no greater joy than hearing that believers in Christ are walking in the truth (3 John 1:4). I also experienced this kind of joy last week when I visited the two mission stations in Shan state – the Namhu and Aung Tha Pyi mission stations. I saw that the believers were still growing and walking in the truth of the gospel in spite of facing many trials and difficulties.

To help them keep growing, I taught them two important subjects for them – (1) the importance of the church in the believer’s life and (2) the basic Christian life that includes being Christ-centered, practicing personal Bible study, daily prayer, fellowship with other believers, witnessing of Christ, and being obedient. I spent four days at Namhu and three days at Aung Tha Pyi. The message was well received.

I have a greater joy this time because I went together with my family (my wife Mawite, and my children Andrew and Jenny). We all had a wonderful time there. My children especially enjoyed the trip. Serving the Lord together with my family is such a great blessing.

Rev. Khawl Ro Kima