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Yong article

October Banner Article: No Heaven Without Christ by Rev. Myungjoong (Andy) Yong

Posted on Oct 4, 2018

Often, I have a chance to meet young Korean-American families. We have a lot of things in common without explaining to each other:  difficulty of immigration; missing family; deprivation from different language and culture; difficulty in raising children. Therefore, mutual comforting and non-judging relations are relatively easily formed. Recently Isaac became five years old. So, we invited a few Korean-American families to our house. There were some who met each other for the first time, but these common interests brought them close quickly.

They all want a stable life, a decent marital relationship, and well-behaved children. They talk about each other’s problems. They are comforted by hearing that others are having the same difficulties. “I know that’s hard.” “You’ll be okay.” “You’re doing good.” Such conversations give comfort in a humanistic way. But, will God be pleased with this? There is no Savior in their conversations. The repentance is missing.

Nowadays, lecture programs are very popular on TV. These programs talk about life affairs by using the humanities and philosophy. What do people eventually want to hear? Isn’t it “A man can be happy without God and without repentance?” People look for respectable teachers who don’t fear God and don’t mention repentance. It is really a time when people turn their itching ears away from the truth (2 Tim 3:3-4). However, there is no heaven without Christ.

In this time, this is what Christians have to do — preach Christ. Everything that is done in Christ with love of neighbors will not be in vain. God will be glorified.

(2 Tim 4:5) “But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”

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