Dear Honored Prayer Partners,

I hope that this prayer letter will find you well. Thank you so much for your unceasing prayer for me, my family, and the ministry. I appreciate you all so much.

First of all, may I share with you a couple of experiences we had in the past few months?

First, we had two important trainings. The first training came from Dr. Ed Paauwe and his group who ministered to us in December of 2016. Dr. Paauwe taught us very practical lessons from the fruit of the Holy Spirit. His group also ministered to the Sunday School children as well the orphanage children.  The second training was given by Dr. Kevin Backus who visited us in February 16-22, 2017, and taught us Church History. We all are so blessed from the teachings.

Now the BP church in Myanmar has ordained one minister (Kima), four ruling elders, and three church planters.

Second, at the very occasion of Dr. Backus’s coming, we also ordained two elders and four deacons this year. Now the BP church in Myanmar has ordained one minister (Kima), four ruling elders, and three church planters.

And now here are three prayer requests that I humbly ask you to remember in  prayer:

First, please pray for the BP Church combined fellowship meeting to be held on April 13-16, 2017, at Thinglei mission station. We are expecting many of the BP members from all the other mission stations to come and join this meeting. From our experience, we see that this kind of fellowship meeting greatly helps us know each other and unites us together as one body in the faith.

Second, pray for my son, Andrew, who needs an operation because of his tonsils. The doctor has not fixed the date yet. Hopefully it will be in May.

Finally, pray for Ma Dongi (my wife’s half-sister) who needs a breast operation again. She received a breast operation three years ago due to a tumor in her left breast. Unfortunately, another tumor has been found in her right breast.

Friends, it is so encouraging for us to know that men and women of God like you are praying for us all the time. Thank you once again.

Sincerely in His service,

Rev. Khawl Ro Kim