Greetings, dear Friends, in the Name of the Savior. He is risen!

We’ve come through a long, hard winter, at times climbing over four feet of snow to get into the office. At one point, Karen cut steps into the icy snow to get down to the door. And to add to the fun, we’re boarding some additional farm animals for some friends, and we’ve got a greeting party of two hogs close by the office door. Life is seldom dull here!

Once in the door, however, the busy routine has pressed ahead, and an enormous amount of work has been accomplished. Office manuals are being developed, all the regular receipting and communicating and publishing has gone on completely oblivious to the weather. We are grateful that even through the harshest portions of the winter here — which were pretty intense at times — we did not lose power or internet. And even now, in the mud season when there are landslides everywhere, closing roads and causing problems, the Lord has kept us going admirably.

Thank you for your steadfast prayers and support for us. We are filled with blessings from day to day. Working with our missionaries, we are gratified to see the progress of the Lord’s kingdom in the fields we serve. Our family is both a source of joy and place for satisfying ministry in each others’ lives. The church work and all the other ministries through community involvement keeps us engaged in the broader scope of the world at large. There are times when, like our winter challenges, it can be difficult to “get in the door” of some of these varied fields and opportunities, but once in, the work just goes. The Lord makes the way, and we rejoice to walk in it.

“Please keep us in your prayers as we travel….”

We’ll be traveling back to South Carolina the first half of May to attend our son, Eli’s, graduation from the two-year culinary program at Bob Jones University. While in the area, we’ll stop in at supporting churches as well before heading down to Florida to take Eli to his summer ministry as a chef and counselor at a large Christian camp. Of course, we’re going to stop in at our Florida churches, too. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and represent PMU to our faithful friends.

Pray, too, for Karen’s health, as she has contracted multiple infections recently that have laid her low for the past few weeks. Those of you that know Karen at all, know that being laid low for awhile is a source of mental anguish as well, since she has a hard time not thinking about all the tasks that await her in the office, many of which are time sensitive. So, please pray for her patience as well.

We are so grateful for you! Your prayers and financial underwriting of our work here at the office are much appreciated. We pray for the Lord’s rich blessings upon you as you serve our great King.

For the Kingdom,

Len Pine