Dear Honored Prayer Partners,

It is hard to believe that we are at the very last month of this year, 2016. I feel like we are still at the beginning. The LORD our God has been so good to us throughout this year.

I never stop praising God for the wonderful partnership I have and enjoy with you. I deeply appreciate you all as you have been regularly praying for me and financially supporting PMU’s work in Myanmar. It is only through you and your partnership that we have come so far and keep on moving for Christ and His kingdom. So thank you, all of you. Please continue to pray for me even in the coming year.

Here are a few prayer requests that I humbly ask you to pray for:

First, pray for the local leaders. The newly elected local leader is very much anti-Christian. He is so disrupting to us. He often sends warning letters telling us: “Don’t do worship service in the house since it is not a government approved religious building;” “If you want to preach, first get the preacher license from the government.” It has been a long time that the churches in Myanmar do not get government registration. Constitutionally speaking, Christianity is one of the official religions, but in practice we get no registration. Please pray that the local leader may be kind and helping to us. We know that the king’s heart is in God’s hand (Prov. 21:1).

Secondly, pray that we may share the gospel with many people even in the coming Christmas celebration. Christmas season has been one of the best times in Myanmar to tell unbelievers about Christ and His gospel. Every year we take this opportunity by inviting many unbelievers and even the government leaders to the celebration where we share the gospel.

“We know that the king’s heart is in God’s hand.”

Thirdly, please continue to pray for the BP Church members combined fellowship meeting to be held next year at Thinglei. If God is willing, we are praying to conduct a combined fellowship meeting for the BP members from all the mission stations. From our experience, we see this fellowship meeting helps the church members to grow so much and stand firm in the Lord. But doing the fellowship meeting at Thinglei is a great challenge to us because of the difficult transportation and expensive traveling. So please pray for this.

Fourth, please pray for Ma Dongi (my wife’s half-sister) who needs another breast operation. She had a breast operation in the past three years because there was a tumor in her left breast. Now another tumor has been found in her right breast. The doctor has not set the operation date yet.

Friends, once again I deeply appreciate you and your prayers. I wish you all a merry Christmas. May our God give you a deeper fellowship with Him in this Christmas season.

Sincerely in His service,

Rev. Khawl Ro Kim