It all began with a phone call from my brother, Rick, over thirteen years ago. He called me to ask if I knew anyone who might be interested in teaching in an English school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which his father-in-law owned. In the providence of God, I did know someone who I thought would be perfect for the job. Also in the providence of God, this phone call came only a short while before taking part in a missions conference at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in Sharonville, Ohio, where this person attended. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile, so when we met up again at the church, it was a bit of a joyful surprise to each of us when we greeted each other with “I have a place for you to serve” in the same moment as the other asked, “Do you know of any place I can serve?” The Lord had been orchestrating this all along.

And so now the partnership between Rev. Mark Baldwin and PMU has reached eleven years! Mark has served faithfully in Cambodia, laboring hard to establish a gospel witness in the villages south of Phnom Penh and encourage believers in the city. Joined by his wife, Wiwin, he has provided an example of godly leadership and selfless service to the Cambodia people among whom he ministers.

Now that Mark has begun the process of transitioning out of Cambodia and transferring the oversight of the ministry there to local men, he has his sights on the horizon looking for what the Lord will have for him next here in the United States. His relationship with PMU may very well continue as a home missionary, or there may yet be an established body in which he can minister. Whatever the Lord has in mind, we are confident of Mark’s ongoing steadfastness in the Lord’s service.