The Lord’s work is always fulfilling and full of blessing. It is even more so when you are joined in the work by faithful men.  Such is the case with Rev. Khawl Ro Kima who has labored in the Lord’s vineyard in the country of Myanmar with PMU since 2005.  Whatever perils faced him and his family, he has steadfastly carried out his duties without complaint or discouragement. It has been an absolute privilege and joy to serve Christ together these past 13 years. Now, Rev. Kima is being supported by his own people fully, for which we praise the Lord.  The work is on-going, however, as he and other leaders of the Yangon Bible Presbyterian Church of Myanmar are working hard to establish a full presbytery in the country in the next decade. PMU continues to financially support this on-going work.  We commend our brother for his faithfulness and pray for many more years of service for the Kingdom in the golden land of Myanmar.

Dr. Leonard Pine, PMU Field Director