Here’s a short update on some current projects for PMU:

  • While the PMU Council voted to hire Rev. Andy Yong as a church planter last August, PMU still awaits the approval of his Religious Workers’ visa (R-1). (PMU can’t legally complete his being hired or pay Rev. Yong until his R-1 is approved.) At present, Rev. Yong is taking classes at WRS while being supported by friends in Korea.  He is volunteering his time to continue to work with Koreans in Tacoma to start a church there.  Please pray with us that his R-1 visa will be approved soon, so PMU can put him on the payroll and see the church plant move forward!
  • Rev. Baldwin continues to train local leadership to take over the work in Cambodia when he returns to the USA. Time is needed to properly hand off the work to Touch, a local seminary student there, as well as go through the process to get Mrs. Wiwin Baldwin’s visa to come to the USA.  Please keep the Baldwins and Touch in prayer, as well as the Srongs (local leadership in Kpbaom).  Many changes are in their near future.  The PMU Council has voted to continue supporting Mr. Touch’s education and the work in Kpbaom for the present time.


Special Project Fundraiser:  Church Planting Fund

Goal: $24,000 by August 1, 2017

Raised:  $5,147.05  Still Need:  $18,852.95

Two church plants in line to receive funding at present at $1,000/month each.