Many Korean-Americans have achieved the American Dream. It is common for first generation immigrants to own small businesses, while the next generations became professionals. Many of them have embraced Western materialism; however, they have missed the Christian heritage which is the foundation of the United States. It is time to reform Korean-American life goals from pursuing the American Dream to “glorify[ing] God and enjoy[ing] Him forever.”

Strong cultural, generational, and language barriers also exist in Korean-American families. So, many families are not well united. The only answer is Jesus Christ who unites all in Himself. Rev. Myungjoong (Andy) Yong, PMU’s newest missionary, prays that the Lord will build a Reformed and thoroughly Presbyterian church in the Tacoma-University Place area, and even more later throughout Washington State.

Born in 1981 in Korea, Rev. Yong grew up in a Christian family. As an ordinary Christian college student, Andy had a life-changing conversion in February, 2005, at a church winter camp which was the beginning of a truly personal relationship with God. God led him to Seattle, Washington, to study English in July, 2005. He had no clue that his language training would be used for missionary work. During this time, Andy attended Calvary Bible Presbyterian Church in Lynnwood and learned about the Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC) and Western Reformed Seminary (WRS). Another hidden plan of God was that Andy would meet his wife, Jin, in Seattle in 2007.

Rev. Yong returned to Korea to finish his undergraduate degree while working at an IT company. During this time, God moved Andy to desire to dedicate his life as a pastor. So, he applied to WRS in September, 2009. He writes, “I learned not only Reformed theology, but also what a godly life is from the professors and pastors of the BPC.” Rev. Yong graduated with his Master of Divinity in May, 2012, and married Jin in November. He was licensed in September, 2013. He was called by the Great Western Presbytery (GWP) as a church planter to Korean-Americans in September, 2014, which duties he performed as an intern while completing his studies. Ordained by the GWP in January, 2015, he finished his Master of Theological Studies in June, 2015, and is now serving as the organizing pastor at the Covenant BP Mission, meeting at Heritage Christian School in University Place, WA.

Rev. Yong and his wife, Jin, have two boys, Isaac and John. Please remember this family in prayer as they labor to reach their Korean-American neighbors for Christ, establishing a Reformed testimony to the redeeming power of Christ.