Touch Am

Following in the footsteps of Rev. Mark Baldwin and trained to continue the work, Mr. Touch Am is now overseeing the mission in the Takeo province of Cambodia. While focusing his ministry mainly on the mission station in

Kpbaom, Touch is also pursuing his Master of Divinity degree at the International Theological College and Seminary (ITCS) in Phnom Penh. Touch travels each week to the village of Kpbaom to minister the word to the small flock of believers, as well as reach out to the village and the children of the area.

Mr. Srong

Working with Touch is Mr. Srong, one of the founders of the Kpbaom mission long before Rev. Baldwin arrived. Mr. Srong recently finished a certificate program at ITCS and as a layman ministers the word to nearby villages, reaching many children with the gospel. He is a true laborer of the harvest with relentless energy and drive.


PMU has partnered with Mr. Touch Am to continue his support through the years of his seminary training. We are looking for supporters for this work to enable these men to continue to focus time and energy on the ministry of the gospel in a world of poverty and need. Please keep them in prayer and consider supporting this Cambodian Mission.