It is hard to look at any images from Cambodia without seeing a temple, shrine, pagoda or idol as 95% of the nation’s 13 million people are Theravada Buddhist. Unlike other forms of Buddhism, this form allows its practitioners to maintain their worldly life and their religion without conflict. As a teen Mark was extensively exposed to America’s “New Age” movement and now sees great similarity in practice between New Age adherents and Buddhists. He was not a Buddhist or a “New Ager” but rather a belligerent atheist who has now experienced the omnipotent hand of the Living God in his salvation.

After fifteen years in the computer field and many more years of preparation for the ministry, Mark responded to the Lord’s call to serve Him in the country of Cambodia and was ordained in the Bible Presbyterian Church as a missionary and church planter. He has been serving in Cambodia since 2005, and has used initial opportunities in teaching English to find the Lord’s open doors of gospel work in the capital city of Phnom Penh and in villages in the southeastern district of Takeo. There, Mark has been working to establish churches in two different villages and has been able to present the gospel to hundreds of children and adults through his weekly ministry. In October of 2010, Mark married the love of his life, Wiwin, and together they are continuing and expanding their witness for Christ in the needy land of Cambodia. Mark’s home church is Grace BPC in Cincinnati, Ohio.