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Peru #3 – Days of Service

Posted on Jul 14, 2008


The next morning (today, Saturday), Charles gave us a ride to the river to catch a boat on his motorcycle. Pretty wild over the dirt roads through the jungle on a 125cc street bike. He had to make two trips, of course. Saved us about an hour and a half walk, and we were grateful. We caught another boat and headed back to Iquitos.

The day was pretty busy today – the concert this morning went well, but I was sweating all over the harp, it was so humid and warm. People really like the autoharp here, and the Lord helped me not to butcher the Spanish too badly. We had a great time of worship together, even though we had to compete with the traffic just outside in the noise department. We enjoyed the hospitality of one of the Herman Mera family from Roldan’s church, True Peace Church, and once again I found a hammock and crashed for awhile. I’m really getting into this siesta thing. The 3 pm meeting with many of the local leadership was a time when they just wanted me to share my heart on missions churches and growing the work. They are doing such a wonderful job that I don’t know why they really wanted me to say anything, and I was humbled by the honor of it. These folks are passionate about reaching this area for Christ, that’s for sure.

Roldan took over the controls of the moto again, and has been driving me all over. It’s pretty entertaining  to see me with the autoharp on my back, a satchel in my hands, perched up on the back of this little motorcycle towering over Roldan in front. There are more motos here, and moto taxis, than cars – a very noisy swarm everywhere you go. It’s fun to be part of the noise.

The evening  service at the Jordan church closing the day went very well, the building filled and voices raised in song with full hearts behind them. It was great to be awash in the sound of praise, and to join in with them. I’ve been playing and singing my ‘harp every service, and am now running out of songs that I know in Spanish! But people are requesting some repeats, so that’s good. The one that they particularly like is Vision Pastoral, which is about the shepherd that searches for the one lost sheep. It’s a great song, and I’m going to have to come up with an English version. After the service was over, we headed out for dinner (about 9:30 – remember that night owl thing?) to, of all things, a Chinese restaurant here in town. Sure didn’t expect that, but they tell me that there are restaurants like it all over town. It’s wild ordering Chinese in Spanish. Good stuff, though.

Today, the Lord’s Day, has been pretty busy, starting out at Roldan’s church for Sunday school, and then going to El Semblador church for worship and to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. This time, I sang an Aymara song in Spanish to do something different, and it went pretty well. I’ll have to do more of them that way, since I already have the translations in my Aymara hymnal. It was a blessing to partake of communion with the brethren here. Resting up this afternoon, and then another service tonight at El Semblador.

I just found out that my hosts have installed high speed internet here in the house as of yesterday! So I hope to spend some time online Monday morning. It will be good to get this blog uploaded and get everyone caught up.

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