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Bolivia #4 – Semper Gumby

Posted on Jul 16, 2008

The US Marines have a saying that sums up their approach to life and warfare: “Semper Fi!” (Always Faithful). After just a few days of working together and preparing for the labors of this week, our team has come up with a saying of our own: “Semper Gumby!” (Always Flexible). Gumby, you may remember, is a children’s toy made of green rubber that could be stretched in any direction. On any team like this, being rigid only makes the work harder. Everyone has to be ready to do something they didn’t expect to do, often at times that seem the least convenient, with resources that seem to be inadequate. So our team has been learning how to be flexible: last-minute teaching assignments, schedule changes, mid-message adjustments to accommodate for time requirements of radio broadcasts, adjusting to the needs of the rest of the team when it comes to such things as sharing one bathroom among 8 people, presenting special music when we didn’t know we were going to present special music, giving testimonies and greetings on the fly, postponing VBS a day because a children’s parade took all the kids for the day and going out to hand out tracts instead, learning to not be stressed when the scheduled time comes and goes without the scheduled event starting, diving into new foods and smells with joy (or at least, courage!), and even the challenges of unfamiliar beds, are all part of the experience. The team is doing really well with all of these things, taking all in stride with a great attitude. I think about Samson, who dispatched 1000 Philistines with on the jawbone of an ass. Just think of what the result would have been had Samson said, “I can’t do this, I don’t have a sword or spear, or even a knife!” As it was, he looked around and took advantage of the resources that he had at hand, and won a great victory. That’s what we’re praying for here, and expecting, too. Semper Gumby!

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