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New Experiences: Team Timothy, New York City, 2010

Posted on Oct 27, 2010

It is a mistake to assume that missions is all about foreign fields. The needy are all around us.  Every believer is a missionary wherever God has put him.  And the needs are not only spiritual, but also temporal. All too often evangelicals ignore temporal needs out of fear of preaching a social gospel, but in so doing, miss wonderful opportunities to minister to the whole person. In an effort to help our BP young people see the mission field in their own backyard, Team Timothy USA traveled to New York City, August 14-21.  There PMU partnered with the inter-city ministry of Dr. Bill Jones of the New York Gospel Mission (NYGM). NYGM has existed for over 100 years with the primary goal of reaching Jewish people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In recent years, the ministry has expanded to include all the residents of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Dr. Len Pine led the team of eleven young people and adults. Mornings were spent in training in the Old Testament, focusing on how it reveals the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah. The team then left the sanctuary of the church and entered the mission field of New York City. They handed out tracts and talked to people at the Coney Island board walk. They did the same in the subway underneath Grand Central Station. They spent two afternoons in the heart of the Garment District, evangelizing on the street. At each location, Dr. Pine and a few of the team members also sang gospel music in the open air. The church associated with NYGM, Tompkins Square Gospel Fellowship, has been blessed in recent months by donations of food by a local Trader Joe’s supermarket. Daily van loads of bread, fruits and vegetables, canned goods, and high quality foods of all kinds are picked up and then distributed by Dr. Jones and the church. The team was able to participate throughout the week in this food pantry ministry both in the Projects and in the church itself. Hundreds of people came to receive food, and in the process, also heard the gospel, received tracts, and were ministered to in their need. They not only received physical bread, but they also received spiritual bread! Team members were amazed at how ready people were to listen to the preaching of the gospel and were blessed as they served people many times poorer than themselves. The week ended with a 9 PM to midnight open house at the church. Invitations were distributed in the afternoon and evening in the park across the street and in the surrounding neighborhood to come for free dessert and life-changing conversation. Using cheesecake provided by Trader Joe’s, team and church family members welcomed people of widely varied philosophical, theological, and sociological viewpoints, seeking to engage them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a fitting end to an excellent week of training and ministry. Thanks to all who contributed to make it possible.

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