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First Team to Cambodia

Posted on Oct 4, 2011

By the grace of God, a great work was done this past summer by PMU’s Team Timothy Cambodia. The eight team members represented five churches: Eli Pine, Andy Wann, Rhaquel and Jacob Hughey, Sharon and Danielle Blizzard, and Talitha and AndraLea Mack, all led by Dr. Pine. Filling out the team in Cambodia were PMU missionaries Pastor Mark Baldwin and his wife, Wiwin.

The work consisted of four parts: first, assisting with the regular weekend worship that the Baldwins do in the villages south of Phnom Penh. There were a lot of children, and a lot of activities and teaching, and all went very well as the team began to figure out how to get things done.

Second, the team worshipped on Sundays with the faculty and student body of a Reformed Bible college and seminary in Phnom Penh. Dr. Pine preached and sang there. On the second Sunday the team participated in the church planting ministries being conducted by the students. Third, the major part of the work was the three-day VBS program conducted in each of the villages of Prey Pdao and Kpbaom. As many as 290 kids came in Pdao and around 250 in Kpbaom. The Prodigal Son story focused on the consequences of sin and the necessity and nature of repentance. Crafts, music, and games rounded out the ministry to the younger children. Dr. Pine also taught English and preached to the older young people and adults.

Finally, an important part of the work was to minister to the Baldwins, though it was clear that they did as much for the team as the team did for them. The mutual encouragement was evident.

The team came home with hearts filled with the memories of Cambodia. We pray that the gospel message left behind will resonate in the same way unto salvation in the lives of those who heard it. Thanks to all who contributed to this good work! — Dr. Len Pine, Team Leader

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