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Cambodia Prayer Letter: The Baldwins

Posted on Feb 28, 2012

February, 2012

Ministry Update

The church in Kpbaom was “electrified” this month.  What a blessing!  Our adult’s have been coming early for a prayer meeting and studying about the new life in Christ before the sermon.  Our sermon series through Colossians has come to completion, and we are beginning a series through James.  With the situation stabilized in Kpbaom, we have seen around 8-10 dedicated folks in attendance each week.  They have been receiving the Word and the Westminster Shorter Catechism with joy and growing step by step.

 A few of the children who attended regularly have been forbidden to come to church both in Prey Pdao and Kpbaom. One of these precious children had approached Mr. Srong asking for a Bible.  Komsrun, who has been calling the children, was told by their parents, “Why do we want to listen about Jesus? We don’t want to.” So our classes are getting smaller, but the Lord is gracious. This year we are covering the “Salvation Series.” The first lessons are about heaven. We could see the children were enjoying the lessons and made an effort to memorize the Bible verses; we praise God for their response.

 Vouthia and his siblings, whose father abandoned them when their mother went to work in Malaysia, haven’t come for several weeks, and we’ve learned the family moved to Ratanakiri to find work. (That is the furthest province from Phnom Penh, about 12 hours by bus.)  We’re sad to lose them and pray God blesses them with a new church to feed their souls.

 Teaching Update

I had another chance to teach a one week, intensive class to lay pastors and leaders.  This time I taught the book of James focusing on how the Christian must be, as Paul says, “performing deeds in keeping with their repentance.” (Acts 26:20b)  It was well received, and we pray they will boldly preach the need for a transformed life.



Visitors from Singapore

We are always excited to have visitors, especially when they are friends. On January 16-19, 2012, two young friends (sisters) from Maranatha BPC took a holiday trip to Cambodia. Wiwin helped them get around, and we were joyful that they were able to serve the Lord and His people in the countryside. Both of them shared their testimonies of salvation, taught an English lesson, and since they are nurses, conducted a basic hygiene class.

Please remember us, the people here, and the ministries here in prayer.

Pastor Mark & Wiwin Baldwin



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