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Proclaiming Christ’s Resurrection in Bolivia!

Posted on May 3, 2012

On Sunday, April 1st, we had our Palm Sunday celebration. We walked to the Vita Bridge, four blocks from our sanctuary. On Buenos Aires Avenue we had our outdoor Palm Sunday service. Our church members distributed gospel tracts, and seven people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. They received the Gospel of John free. Then we returned to our sanctuary in a procession along the Buenos Aires and Republic Avenues. Our kids and church members were holding palms and singing Hosanna. When the church members arrived at the sanctuary, everyone received a test about our doctrinal beliefs.

On Sunday, April 8th, we had our Sunrise service with the Bible-believing churches of La Paz. We had a resurrection sunrise parade at 5:30 AM;  we walked approximately 12 blocks singing resurrection hymns and repeating Bible verses. The sunrise service was held in a gymnasium. Approximately three thousand people attended the service. We prayed for Bolivia. At 8:30 AM we returned to our BPC for breakfast. We had a wonderful service.


  1. In May we will emphasize prayer time in our church. We need to involve people in a prayer time.
  2. Please pray for our new member’s class and for the training of candidates for the diaconal ministry.
  3. Please pray for the distribution of 6,000 gospel tracts in the streets and markets.
  4. Please pray for our AWANA meetings and Ladies’ Bible Studies.
  5. Please pray for the completion of our church building.

— Rev. David Quisbert


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