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The Mission Work At Aung Tha Pyi in Shan State, Myanmar

Posted on May 3, 2012

Aung Tha Pyi is located in the suburban area of Taunggyi, the capital city of Shan State in Myanmar. It is here where my beloved wife, Mawite, was born. Different tribes of Myanmar live together in Aung Tha Pyi even though the Bahma people are in the majority. The other tribes represent Shan, Pa Oh, Karen, Intha, Chinese, and Chin. They are Buddhists in religion but in practice they are animists who worship spirits and demons.

There has been a small community of believers in this area. They are mainly government workers and soldiers coming from the other areas. Being connected with a very liberal Baptist denomination, none of the believers evangelize the people nor do any church planting work. Sad to say, they even do not like other Christians evangelizing in this area.

Elder Yee Aung Thun grew up in this area in a Christian retired army family. Having the burning desire to spread the gospel there, Yee Aung Thun started the church planting work in 2006. Through his tireless efforts, many people have come to know about Jesus Christ, and now five pure Buddhists have converted and become faithful followers of Christ. Right now the Aung Tha Pyi BP church has 30 communicant members composed of six families.

The Aung Tha Pyi BP church not only grows in number, but also in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 3:18). The church is also actively involved in evangelistic work. Moreover, the church is able to offer some financial support to the missionary, Elder Yee Aung Thun.

Elder Yee Aung Thun is married to Naw ArGyi who is a middle school teacher in the government school. In the past, she was posted to another area which had hindered the effectiveness of the mission work. After praying for many years, she is now posted to a government school in Aung Tha Pyi. We thank the Lord for this. We expect that the church planting work will be more effective now.

As you are praying for us, please do remember these prayer requests. First, Elder Yee Aung Thun’s beloved wife, Naw ArGyi, is expecting a baby next month. This will be their second child; their first daughter is now five. Secondly, pray that the Lord may bless and add more souls in the church. Finally, pray that the Lord may provide this church a permanent place for worship and fellowship.

The church is truly a shining lighthouse to the community around there. We humbly acknowledge that it is the Lord who blesses the church by His grace alone through your gracious partnership and for His glory alone. Working together with you, we see the glory of God. —Rev. Khawl Ro Kima

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