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USA: God’s Providence in Idaho and PMU Home Office

Posted on Jul 31, 2012

As we near the two-year mark for the mission here in Idaho, it’s astonishing to look back and see so clearly the Father’s hand in bringing this testimony into being. From the providential directing of the initial appeal to PMU and the BPC in the fall of 2009, to the prayerful decision to go ahead from the Great Western Presbytery and PMU’s Council, to the gathering of the beginning core group, to the housing the Lord prepared for us at the beginning, to the selling of our home in New York, to the provision of our first public meeting space free of charge for nearly a year, to a magnificent building in the middle of town that has become the basis of a widespread and positive public testimony, to the many opportunities to be involved prominently in several different community groups and activities, to the raising up of our first officers, the name of the mission has been proved over and over again to have been an excellent choice. Truly, God’s providence is gloriously demonstrated in our brief history. We are grateful to all those that support us in prayer and financial gifts, for you are part of God’s providence to us as well. Yahweh be praised! — Dr. Len Pine


We at the home office praise the Lord for His provision of faithful donors to sustain this work.  In 2011 our missionaries faced great financial needs in order to stay on their fields.  By the end of 2011, God’s people had responded and almost every missionary ended well financially.  In the midst of financial trials all around, we praise the Lord for provision only He can accomplish.  Dr. Kevin Backus, International Field Director, was blessed to visit Bolivia and Brazil this year, evaluating those fields and their current and potential ministries.   Dr. Len Pine, North American Field Director, continues to pastor our newest church plant in North Idaho and correspond with those interested in beginning other BP churches around the country. Right now we are gearing up for a Team Timothy ministry in our home church; a blessed and exciting time for the church.  As you think of PMU, please remember that our general fund is the engine that provides support for our missionaries.  The general fund provides for prayer letter mailings, these monthly newsletters, donor receipting, Field Director travels to encourage and oversee missionary works, and other general office needs like internet, paper, ink, and phone.  Currently, the general fund needs an additional $976 per month in regular, monthly giving to be fully supported.  Please consider this vital part of PMU’s ministry that supports each of our missionaries with godly oversight and clerical support, keeping their news before you all. — Mrs. Karen Pine

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