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USA — Dr. Len Pine PMU North American Field Director and Church Planter

Posted on Aug 5, 2012

August, 2012

Summer has finally arrived in North Idaho, and dry, warm summer air wafts through the open windows at the church, carrying with it the sounds of praise and prayer to the neighboring homes. We get on well with our neighbors. They’re all quite happy with the outward transformation of the building and the resulting improvement of the overall appearance of the area. That, of course, makes us happy in return.

However, there is more to be done than simply repaint and maintain. The newness of the external changes will wear off, and our testimony must be more than just a nice building. If that’s all we do, then we’ve failed to fulfill our reason for existing in the first place. Declaration is the necessary thing in a testimony, and so we are endeavoring to be more than just a comfortable and congenial neighbor who never challenges anyone to think about their Creator.

This summer PMU is sponsoring a Team Timothy effort right here, and we’ve got a big week+ planned for our team members. They’ll be meeting our neighbors at the county fair, going door-to-door with invitations and gospel tracts, and, yes, helping to maintain the property. I don’t know how our neighbors will view us after they realize that we aren’t just here to be a private club for peaceful neighbors that keep to themselves and let others go their merry way. Hopefully, we’ll engage them in a manner that demonstrates genuine compassion and that glorifies the Lord. We pray that many will “come and see” what is happening on the other side of those open windows, and that many will find their Savior here by God’s grace.

Pray for our congregation and team members as we engage our world this summer. Pray that the Lord will give us favor in the eyes of our neighbors, and that they will listen willingly to the demands of the gospel and be saved. Pray for courage and stamina for us so that we will “not be weary in doing well.” Pray for the Lord’s travel mercies for those who are coming to help us from around the country in mid-August. Pray for my son, Eli, as he undertakes the oversight of the catering for the team ministry.

We ask also that you give thanks with us for the Lord’s gracious provision of our needs here; for the excellent officers He has raised up among us; for the visitors that are coming through our doors; for the mutual encouragement we find among ourselves; and for many opportunities to engage the world around us in numerous community gatherings and events. God is indeed good to us. We praise Him for you, our faithful supporters and friends, most of all. May He pour out His love and grace upon you “beyond all that you ask or think.”

For the Kingdom,

Len Pine

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