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Missionary Candidates to Brazil: The Leamans' 3rd Quarter Update

Posted on Sep 21, 2012

September, 2012

The Fight for Biblical Counseling in Brazil

Over the last quarter we have considered the following question: Is the cause of biblical discipleship worth fighting for?  Yes!  Biblical counseling is like an iceberg:  what most people see is only the tip.  The foundation upon which biblical discipleship rests is directly linked with the “big ideas” that loom over human life.  All counseling systems are ultimately based on worldview commitments.  I am excited about giving my life to bringing others the help and hope that is found in God’s Word. As I prepare to go to Brazil, I realize that the ideas upon which biblical counseling stands touches the most profound and important questions that people have ever asked.

Brazil, with its religious syncretism, is hospitable ground for the new religious synthesis that is occurring on the world stage.  Neo-Paganism is a thriving idea, and a new “hope” is the cosmic spirit within.  That which the Apostle Paul warned about so long ago (Rom. 1:25) is alive and well.  This “spirituality” is gaining ground.  It is applauded and promoted by many in Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Rio de Janeiro.  The biblical faith has a new challenge for the 21st century.  It is important for us to understand what is going on with the ideas of our time, but it is paramount to realize that without faith in God’s Word, everything is lost.

The Bible teaches how to help people change.  It gives counsel in overcoming a myriad of sin problems because it provides answers for the large categories of truth and reality. It speaks to the ultimate questions of origin, purpose, and destiny. It clearly tells us about the nature of man, what our problem is, and where the solution is to be found.  The Word teaches us about the transcendent Creator who is also the incarnate Redeemer.  The ultimate problem is sin, and the redeeming love of God through the sacrifice of the Divine Christ is the amazing answer.  God has revealed His will.  This is a glimpse of the truths found in biblical counseling.  They impinge on the particular struggles of God’s people in every way.

There is no hope for a problem marriage when people are ultimately a cog or pin in a great mystical machine that emerged from slime by chance.  We either believe in the Creator and Redeemer taught in the Bible, or we hold to some other so called “solution.”  The imagination of man has come up with many religious alternatives; however, atheism, agnosticism, pantheism, neo-paganism, or deism do not provide the help or hope that only God’s Word gives.  In the transient and meaningless world there is no help or hope for change.  God’s Word tells us that life is not meaningless but full of hope and glory.  Biblical counseling deals with ultimate reality and delights to face these questions.  Other systems may try and avoid the big questions; however, they are unavoidable.  Ultimately, we will either worship the Creator or the creation (Rom. 1:18-25).

As my family and I continue our preparations for Brazil, we have asked the question, “Is the cause of biblical discipleship worth fighting for?”  We answer in the affirmative and are excited to start ministry in Brazil.  Will you pray and partner with us in this endeavor “for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ?”

UPDATE:  We thank the Lord that Elder Doug Leaman is scheduled to receive his NANC certification at the annual NANC conference in October, and his support continues to come in well.   Thank you for remembering the Leamans in prayer.



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