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Cambodia 4th Quarter Prayer Letter: The Baldwins

Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Vuthia Update

On October 28, 2012, we were very happy to have Vuthia come to worship God with us. We are glad that he listened to God’s call through Mr. Srong’s visits, asking him to come to worship with the church. After the service, he told Pastor Baldwin that he actually came to share that he is eager to spend time worshipping together with us, but since his mother (an unbeliever) remarried, his stepfather does not allow them to come to church. He objects to them even coming for English lessons because he knows we talk about God during that time, too. On November 3, Vuthia and his siblings came again. They happily told us that their father had gone back to Rattanakiri to work. But they had to leave the classes/service early fearing that he would be back by then. Please pray for their desire to come and worship with us.

Visitor and Need

Mr. Srong’s friend (we called him Om Neu) came to Prey Pdao to meet with Pastor Baldwin on October 28, 2012. He was praying to God for a pastor to help in the teaching and preaching ministry in his village (about 10 minutes away by motorbike from Prey Pdao). He gave His testimony of how he came to know the Lord. Before he became a Christian, he was worshipping many gods and ancestors. Then he heard the message of the gospel. God worked in his heart, and he came to believe the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and true Savior. From then on he faced a lot of criticisms from friends and relatives. But God’s strength sustains him. He knows men are sinners and only God can open their hearts to believe in Him. He gave himself to God in his service as God uses him. He told the children to come to this true God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and never give up.

Om Neu’s village lost its young pastor more than five years ago, and he takes care of the church building.  It seems a girl in his church married a Christian in the city without ever consulting the new, young pastor.  A feud broke out between him and this family over this perceived disrespect, and the church was abandoned.  It’s a nice facility, and we’re trying to contact the mother-church to see what they will say.  Om Neu and several adults in the village have been praying to see the church re-opened. Like Mr. Srong, Mr. Neu is not educated enough to do the teaching himself and must travel to other areas for church services.

Personal Blessings

God has been good to us. We recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary; our God has been our comfort and our joy. His kindness has been so abundant in our life as a married couple. After the miscarriage and successful D&C last year (December, 2011), God answered our prayers about having another baby. We waited in prayers, and in His own time and will He has answered our prayers. The pregnancy test was positive on October 10, and by then the baby was already about five weeks along.

This second pregnancy has a lot to teach me. Morning sickness is common, and it has been a great challenge for me. I have around-the-clock nausea and dizziness. (Even in the night, when I move on the bed, I can feel the dizziness.) It wears me down emotionally because suddenly all my routines have had to change. Every time I open my eyes in the morning, the discomfort starts. Eating and drinking add to the nausea. I cannot do much except lie down and rest. Doing things, including short walks, makes me tired. I try not to exert myself too much but being unable to do the chores at home makes me miserable. Resting too much makes me emotionally drained and bored. I’m coping with this new routine (which is doing nothing much). Though it makes me miserable at times, every time I wake up, I always pray that God will open my eyes, teaching me to see His goodness day by day and to thank Him about it. Sometimes I cannot see it, but when I remember His many kindnesses to me, to us, I’m overwhelmed. Even to get pregnant is a blessing! So I am learning to take this new experience with joy because I know He is with me. My husband keeps reminding me about His wonderful mercy and goodness, about the reward we will receive if we don’t give up. So, though I don’t see any meaning in lying down the whole day, I know that it is for my own good and the good of our baby.  Please remember us in prayer during this challenging time.

Christian Fellowship

We have enjoyed a fellowship snack after church several times recently.  Folks made us (Wiwin) some Khmer “Pancakes” (meat & vegetable crêpes), and we brought bread with sweet-milk and iced-coffee. It’s always wonderful to enjoy time with God’s people in simple fellowship.  I’ve begun teaching an interactive study through the book of proverbs with the adults which is proving much fun and encouragement.

Pastor Mark & Wiwin Baldwin


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