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Aymara New Year and Gospel Tract Distribution

Posted on Jul 6, 2013

Actually the moral condition of the world and the need for a moral and spiritual change is awakening. For this many people go to the high places as Tiawanaku in Bolivia to be blessed by the Mother Earth (Pachamama),  Sun (Inti), and  Moon (Phaxsi) is evidence that most people want to be blessed. But, we are not blessed by the creation: we are blessed by the Creator, and we worship the Creator.

Every June 21st, the winter solstice marks the Aymara New Year; this starts the new agricultural cycle. With my family and three brothers in Christ from the church, we went to Tiawanaku town. (It’s about 45 miles away from La Paz City.) We went to hand out 3,000 gospel tracts and 20 copies of the Gospel of John to the Bolivian people and tourists who went for the celebration of the Andean New Year. The Aymara priests made the ancient ritual in the Tiwanaku town to celebrate the year 5521. At the end we met with some of them to share the gospel.

Also we invited children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We made popcorn for the kids, and we gave them books. We taught them songs and Bible stories. Some of the children accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, our Lord has placed us here to have a real impact in our society. You can help make a change. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to share the rich blessings that we have in Jesus Christ.


In June we had the joy to receive new church members: Daniel Mendoza, Jannet Flores and Felix Limachi. Jannet and Felix received the sacrament of baptism. We had a good service. Then we celebrated the Lord’s Super. We praise the Lord for these new members of our BPC.  — Rev. David Quisbert

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