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Rev. Doug Leaman; First Quarter Prayer Letter

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

 First Quarter: February, 2014

God’s Absolute Truth

What is the task that most defines the work of missions for us in Brazil? You have every right to know because you pray for us and support us. We are grateful because without you, humanly speaking, our efforts for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ would be unfeasible.

I recently preached on the fact that the Word of God is “breathed out by God.”  Our mission is a work that involves lifting up the Word of God as the ultimate and final authority for our lives because it is true. God’s Word is objectively true. It is true for all times and all places. It is true for those across cultural boundaries. It is true in the past, present and future. His Word is true because it comes “breathed out” from the God of truth.

When I defend this in a seminary class or in personal discipleship further explanation is often required. Sadly, truth is defined today in various ways. Truth is relative to an individual person. It is true only for him or for his group. God’s people have great challenges when the collective thought of a nation or of the world starts accepting definitions of truth that make the Bible nothing less than a harmless delusion. The light of God’s Word begins to go out. We want to hold the lamp in Brazil, and let it shine in a dark place.

It would be easy to get overwhelmed. There are not many allies, but there are many enemies. Apart from the grace of God and a firm commitment that God’s Word is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword” on what could we stand? It is not easy to be in the service of God’s Truth when people doubt that truth is possible. In this day of skepticism and despair, however, is a wonderful opportunity to let the light shine.

Man is destined to rootlessness without God and His Word in the place of ultimate authority. When there is no absolute truth all that is left is the secular dogma, “Thou shalt not be certain.” Man is truly lost in a wasteland of ideas from which he must desperately grab so as not to sink into a total nihilistic wilderness. Many are opting for pleasure, many are opting for instant gratification; others just sit in despair. There are massive consequences. Societies and civilizations falter under these important questions. More importantly eternal life and peace with God is thrown away.

Nietzsche was a great secular prophet. He died over a hundred years ago. He lived in the modern age which believed in man as the ultimate authority and defender of truth. He saw, however, that if we do away with the God of Truth there is nothing left. Reason had failed to give man absolute truth. All that was left was irrational madness. That is exactly what we are seeing before our eyes. Many have become their own “god,” and they are doing what is right in their own eyes. This is the new religious atmosphere.

Continue to pray with us. May God raise up a generation of men who shine the light of God’s Word in a dark and barren place.



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