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July Banner Article: Elders, Deacons, and Team Timothy by Rev. David Quisbert

Posted on Jul 18, 2014

God is providing and blessing our church and our family.  We have much to praise Him for and to share with you.

Leadership and Team Timothy:  We are very delighted in the ordination service for our new Elder, Edgar Zuazo, and our new Deacons, Fernando Zola, Luis Rolando Rivas, and Felix Limachi. These men were elected and then trained for ministry in our BPC. The service was marvelous, and we were blessed by visitors. Some of our radio program listeners came to our church to help us celebrate this special event.

Following their election, we held a weekend training seminar for good leadership in the church.  Five leaders slept at the church.  During the seminar, we clarified the importance of leadership in the BPC, the principles, values and the respect for the entire congregation. We gave guidelines for public speaking and worked on organizational documents for our church.  Then we worked on the importance of our leadership decisions and authority. We learned more about the difference between Calvinism and the influence of Arminianism in this country. Lastly, we worked on the upcoming Team Timothy Ministry and our responsibilities.

We finished with a wonderful dinner. We are thankful for the work of our ladies who helped us with the food. We had a good time together.

We have worked hard to prepare for the Team Timothy Ministry in Bolivia, July 10-25.  Please pray that the Lord may bless this work and bring souls to Christ.  Also please remember the team members as they come, Dr. Len Pine, Mrs. Susan Young, Mr. Mike Sudlow, Miss Anna Blizzard, and Mr. Eli Pine.

Tracts and Cable Cars:  We were blessed to be able to distribute almost 1,500 tracts and 1,000 pamphlets with the address of our church on them in the cities of La Paz and El Alto. We were also able to put tracts and pamphlets in the stations of the new cable cars so that many more people will be reached. We are thankful for the installment of these cars that make it easier for our far away church members to come to church each Sunday.

Radio Program:  We thank the Lord for our radio program, Pastoral Reflection. Every Saturday morning we receive phone calls with prayer requests. We are broadcasting from 8-9 AM (EDT) through the local radio station Majesty 105.7 FM stereo. We were blessed on Sunday, the 25th, to receive visitors who had listened to our radio program. We gave them free Christian literature and encouraged them to visit again.

USA Visit:  We thank the Lord that I have the opportunity to come to the United States for the annual Synod and to visit BP churches. The needed paperwork went forward smoothly, by God’s grace.  I look forward to fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters in Christ in the USA.  Thank you for your prayers for our ministry. —Rev. David Quisbert

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