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September Banner Article: A Return to Bolivia Blesses Church

Posted on Sep 9, 2014

Returning to Bolivia with Team Timothy after a three year hiatus was an incredible blessing. Our team was smaller than usual; only five members filled the roster. Consequently, everyone had a lot to do during the ministry! Besides myself, we had two Bolivia ministry veterans and two who were new to this field. I was thrilled with the camaraderie and unity this team had from the beginning. And their tireless labors without complaint were a tremendous credit to their Lord. On such a small team, sickness is always a concern (if one person goes down, the workload can get enormous when you don’t have many to spread it around), but we had very little that slowed us down much.

Our activities included many of the usual things that we do: VBS, English classes, music lessons, tract ministry in the markets (about 5,600 were handed out), lots of teaching in homes and at the church, feeding the homeless. In addition, we did some different things as well: training the La Paz Fire Department, participating in the La Paz city anniversary festivities, putting on a church BBQ fellowship, a unique concert that involved the whole church and then some, paying a return visit to the little mountain town of Coroico over the now tamer Death Road. We saw a wonderful heart response to the ministry at all levels, and the team grew in its ability to function as a team and trust in the Lord for being ready for whatever came next. It was delightful to see the La Paz church filled with many new faces along with the old friends we’ve made from previous years. Our team members came away with a profound impression of love and grace from God’s people there, and of God’s mercy to all of us to be part of such a wonderful ministry.

Thank you to all who contributed to this year’s team. Your gifts were used to bless our Bolivian brothers and sisters and the team members as well. We look forward to the next time the Lord sends us back!

Dr. Len Pine


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