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November Prayer Letter: Rev. David Quisbert, Bolivia

Posted on Nov 14, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you so much for your prayers for the ministry in Bolivia. We appreciate your greetings and comments on our Facebook page. God has given us opportunities to preach the gospel by radio broadcasting, teaching in the church, and handing out thousands of gospel tracts and pamphlets in the marketplaces of La Paz city. We have blessings to share with you.


We thank God for the opportunity to preach the gospel through the radio program every Saturday for one hour. We have been working hard to provide Bibles free to those listeners that ask for one. Our desire is that these people could study the Bible through the radio program. We invite them to come to our church to receive a free Bible. The church prepares a special service once a month, and the radio listeners receive the precious gift. The church members have the opportunity to listen first-hand to powerful testimonies about how God is working in the hearts of our listeners. Some of the recipients were moved  to tears as they received their nice gift,  the Holy Bible. Please keep us in prayer that this ministry could continue until the end of 2014.


One of our faithful radio listeners is Mr. Silvestre Arteaga,  a person with a visual disability. Every Saturday in the morning he waits for our radio program. He said that he is happy when our radio program starts. He loves our spot radio program. He usually calls to our call center asking for prayer. Sometimes he has asked for counseling. Actually he attends our church services with his mother. He is a good testimony about the radio ministry.

As we mentioned, our radio program is providing free Bibles, Gospels of John, and DVDs to our listeners. Mr. Silvestre asked us if he could have a Braille Bible. I had a great challenge to provide something for a blind person. The Braille Bible is expensive, and it isn’t  common in the Bible Society in Bolivia. They needed to ask the USA to have one.

When I was in the United States I heard about the audio Bible on a small machine that works with solar power.  I praise the Lord that we could obtain one for Mr. Arteaga. In our Sunday service when we gave the Bibles to our listeners, Mr. Silvestre received his talking Bible. He cried out of emotion for his nice gift. He praised the Lord for His mercy to him. Now he is listening and studying with his new Bible. Please keep us in prayer as we need contacts to have more audio Bibles in this country.

We thank the Lord as we are doing what we love to do — preaching the gospel to the lost that they might be evangelized. I noticed that blindness is increasing dramatically everywhere. We thank the Lord for the technology we could use for His glory.


During the last weeks, attendance to our AWANA club was down. September 21st starts the spring season in Bolivia, so we prepared to visit the kids with a special celebration invitation. We distributed 300 flyers. I praise the Lord for the donations that we received through PMU from the churches in the US. We used some of that money to prepare a special program for the kids. We blew up 300 balloons and prepared 90 sandwiches with a coca cola for each child.

We sang songs and prayed. We printed 100 copies of the Bible lesson. The lessons were according to their age. Some had material to paint and others questions or puzzles to be answered.  At the end we gave them a small bag with snacks that they took to their homes. The activity was blessed with 85 kids in attendance. We were so happy with the results.  The next Saturday the attendance in our AWANA was 48. It was good. We are working to encourage our children to attend Sunday school. Please keep us in prayer for this work.


  • Please pray for our Radio program broadcast on Saturday morning and for our internet streaming ministry broadcast online 24/7.
  • Please pray as we hand out 2,000 gospel tracts and 1,000 flyers in the marketplaces of La Paz city.
  • Please pray for the Ladies’ Bible study. Their meeting is on Mondays at 3 pm.
  • Please pray for our Christmas children’s choir and our special programs.

In His Service,

Rev.  David and Gloria Quisbert,

David Jr. and Prisila.

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