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Quarterly Prayer Letter by Rev. Doug Leaman

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

What is real? What is truth? How do we know? Who is man? What is the future of humanity? Who defines morality? What has gone wrong? Is there any hope? You must make up your own answers if you do not know the answers to the previous questions.

Your worship and your view of the world will guide your answers to these questions. In other words, these are religious questions. God or man will define your worldview. Christians do have the answers to these large questions in the Word of God. There is no way to find these answers, however, apart from God’s Word.

Another important question is, “What is marriage?” God has defined it. In the USA, however, “homosexual marriage” is approved. This is a practical outcome of a worldview and worship driven by man. If there are no authoritative answers to the large questions, then the majority human opinion wins. Another option is that the ruling elite decide. Based on what authority? Thin air! We abandoned authoritative answers when we started to worship man. Mere human opinion is all that is left.

“If we want to be people who can hear, see, and speak then we must return to Christ.”

Investigating large worldview issues takes work and mental wrestling. When what you worship is worth it to you, then you will be willing to do the work. Too many have abandoned themselves to a life of entertainment, pleasure, and ease. They adore these things and have become soft, pleasured, and entertained. We have rebelled and adored other things, and now we are reaping the consequences of our idolatry.

Our problem is not merely shallow thinking but a lack of deep worship. Jeremiah laments that a nation changed its gods, changed their glory, and forsook the fountain of living waters for cisterns that could hold no water (Jer. 2:11-13). We have abandoned the God defined nobility of human life: “Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness.” (Gen 1:27) We have abandoned the God defined task: “Be fruitful and multiply… and have dominion….”  (Gen. 1:28) We have traded making disciples of Christ for a thousand other little ordinary things.

To get ourselves back on the right way we need to fix our identity problem. We need to know that we have the responsibility and privilege to be image bearers of God. We need to fix our worship problem. Who or what we worship is the question of life. Our worship shapes and controls us. We have turned deaf, blind, and dumb like the idols we have worshipped. We have abandoned God and the nobility that He gives to human life. If we want to be people who can hear, see, and speak then we must return to Christ.

Brazil has accepted gay civil union for some years. The main questions and issues of life are the same for the whole of humankind. We are in a deep plight. Yet, there is always hope because God is on the throne. In Christ, worship and correct thinking can be restored, and man can become again an image bearer of God. God’s people are predestined to be conformed to the image of His son. (Rom. 8:29) Pray for us as we minister in a country that needs to know true worship and a biblical worldview found in Christ and His Word. We will pray that the glory of God will shine through your life as well.

Rev. Douglas E. Leaman

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