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1st Qtr Prayer Letter from Dr. Pine

Posted on Feb 2, 2016

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of the Savior and a very happy New Year! 2016 is starting off with a lot of ministry travel, setting the pace for a very busy year here at PMU.  This is especially true since I resumed my full duties as Field Director last year. This month I travel to Cambodia and Myanmar for an eighteen day trip.  I haven’t been to Cambodia since Team Timothy 2011 or to the Myanmar field since 2009.   I am well overdue to put “boots on the ground again” in both of these fields. You may wonder what a Field Director actually does when he’s on a field besides seeing exotic, faraway places and eating foods he can’t pronounce.

While there are occasions for seeing some of the local sites, the vast majority of my time is spent in building personal relationships and evaluating and encouraging our missionaries in their endeavors. I’ll have numerous teaching and preaching opportunities ministering with the Baldwins out in the Takeo province and even serving as a guest lecturer at the International Theological College and Seminary where Pastor Baldwin ministers on a regular basis.  A primary reason for visiting Cambodia this time is to conduct the required five year review of Pastor Baldwin’s ministry which is best done in person and on the field. These reviews, required of all of our missionaries, seek to evaluate the effectiveness of the missionary’s work, the ministry’s on-going sustainability, needs that have arisen on the field that the Council may be able to address, and to establish ministry goals for the succeeding five years subject to the Council’s approval. I will spend the first week of my trip in Cambodia from January 14-21.

On the 21st, I will head to Myanmar to reconnect with not only the Kimas, but also with the leadership of the Yangon church and the outlying church planting stations. The ministry in Myanmar has grown significantly since I was there. Dr. Kevin Backus, while serving as International Field Director and now as my assistant, has done an excellent job of encouraging and furthering the work there.  He continues to be the liaison with Myanmar since his contacts there are so deeply established.  However, as Field Director, now it is necessary that I have a firsthand grasp of the scope and direction in which the field is developing.  So, to that end I will be preaching at the Yangon BPC, visiting the orphanage’s new location, and offering three days of biblical training for not only the leadership of the Yangon BPC and the three mission stations, but also many in the Yangon congregation who are able to attend.  It will be a great time of strengthening our ties of friendship and co-laboring in the gospel.  I will return to the United States on January 30th.

There is much to accomplish in such a short amount of time, so I would covet your prayers for good health and endurance, as well as clear thinking to be able to be as helpful as possible to our brothers and sisters on these two fields. Above all, pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on me and all there who are striving to faithfully declare the light of the gospel in the midst of spiritual darkness. I would also ask that you pray for my family as I’m away, as well as the church family of Providence BPC.  I am thankful for our capable leadership in Bonners Ferry that allows me the liberty of being able to carry on this work with PMU.

I am also exceedingly grateful for the equally capable support both in prayer and finances of you and many others like you that support this ministry and my work in particular. Without that support, none of these things would be possible. Thank you! With your continued partnership this very busy 2016 will also be, by God’s grace, a very fruitful 2016.  May God bless you.

For the Kingdom,

Dr. Len Pine



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