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4th Quarter Prayer Letter from the Baldwins – Drawing to a Close

Posted on Dec 2, 2016

Drawing to a Close

As the season in which we celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus is upon us and with a new year right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to remember the 12 years we’ve been with PMU in Cambodia.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve Him in a land darkened by worship of false gods, a ministry for which we are grateful.  We are so thankful that you have partnered with PMU in this work; humanly speaking, we could not have served without your support in prayer and finances.

As you probably all know by now it was decided I should transition out of Cambodia because of the difficulty in getting reliable Vitamin B12 injections here and the disabilities I suffer when I’m not getting what’s needed.  Thankfully with the medicine we were able to bring back with us from the US, the debilitating heat intolerance is gone; I’m back to full strength, and I’m able to serve with joy again while I endeavor to prepare the work to persevere after our departure. Though we wish that these high quality injections were available here, in God’s providence, they are not, and shipping them in the heat ruins them. So, we are content to return to the US where I can access good B12 and stay strong for whatever the Lord calls us to do there.  For now, I have enough to get me through the transition this year. The Lord has brought joy with the morning.

We are laboring diligently together with our local leaders to prepare the ministry to transition everything to a local presbytery under the leadership of our seminary student, Touch. We also continue teaching and preaching at our ministry points with a focus on the things the mission needs now and in the near future to help make the transition a success.

Wiwin, the children and I are also preparing our hearts, and the extensive paperwork, for our eventual move to the US.  We have no church call or destination in mind yet but are praying the Lord opens doors in His time.  We are anticipating a lengthy transition period to make sure God is glorified, and all is done and left in good order. The Lord willing, we should be returning to the States by mid to late 2017.

“We are laboring diligently together with our local leaders to prepare the ministry to transition everything to a local presbytery under the leadership of our seminary student, Touch.”

Your partnership over these past 12 years with the Cambodian ministry is a great blessing to us.  We are very thankful for the prayers and support you have offered on our behalf which has blessed us in trials and times of victory.  Thank you for celebrating with us in God’s merciful and blessed answers to prayer.  Thank you for bearing with us in times of weakness and sorrow.  We know we were not alone.

As we move through this transition and into this next phase of ministry, we would ask you to bear with us again.  Please pray for the ministry here, that it would be rooted and grounded in Christ, established for His glory and the good of His people. Although we are moving on, we know God’s work will continue. Please also remember us in prayer through these coming months, for wisdom, strength, and flexibility as we transition this ministry to local oversight and then prepare to move thousands of miles to a new culture for Wiwin and the children, and even me, as the US has changed since I left.  Thank you for continuing to partner with us through the end of our work here.

As you pray, please keep these specific matters in prayer:

  • Touch’s studies and preparation to pastor our mission and ministries.
  • Wiwin’s visa to live in the US with the rest of our family.
  • That a call for our future ministry in the US would come in due season.

Once again, we thank you for your care and concern for Cambodia and for us as a family.  May the Lord richly bless you in 2017.

—the Baldwins

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