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Mr. Ton playing for hymn sing

May Banner Article: KimSreng’s Family by Touch Am, Edited by Rev. Baldwin

Posted on May 18, 2017

Mrs. KimSreng Chhoet had been a believer for many years and opened her home to us after we lost our last place in the village of Prey Pdao. Her neighbors have always persecuted her for her faith. Her husband and children also suffered for her faith and became disheartened by the constant persecution. They joined in trying to make her renounce Jesus.

Yet through it all she continued to open her house for children’s ministry and worship.  Unfortunately, on March 20, 2017, Mrs. Chhoet, KimSreng passed away because of her sickness (high blood pressure). This is a great sadness for her family and for us too.  She was the only believer among the whole family, and originally her whole village. As for her husband, we don’t know yet if he believes or not.  He has heard the gospel almost every week, but he has not confessed his faith in the Lord.

But amazingly, after his wife passed away when we visited the family in order to comfort and encourage them, suddenly Mr. Ton Yourn talked to us and wept bitterly in his heart. He confessed that, “I thank God for He chose my wife and take her soul to heaven with Him. I believe that my wife is staying with the Lord in heaven. Also after my wife pass away, it can make me more strongly in the Lord. I will fulfill my duty in life according to my wife’s will. I will continue to walk with the Lord until I meet my wife in heaven. From now on I will participate in worship and continue to offer my house for children’s ministry. I am a sorrowful man who lives alone and has responsibilities to take care of my three children. It may be very hard for me, but I will continue to live and walk in the Lord. Now I am concerned about my children and their education. I thank you all for your support of my family every month. Also I request of you to continue to help my family.”  [PMU gives them $10/month for use of their property for our ministry.]

Heartbreakingly, Mr. Ton Yourn said, “I am sorry for the funeral to celebrate the life of my wife. Actually I was not satisfied with what they did. I wanted to make it a Christian funeral, but I could not overcome her brothers and sisters. I am just alone; they are a lot. So I just let them do according to Buddhist.”

I, Touch Am, am a co-worker of Pastor Mark. I was very surprised hearing this kind of confession.  So I would like to request that all of you remember and pray for this family. I hope God will work with this family. And through this family may the fruit of gospel be carried to the whole village.

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