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Touch and Mr. Srong teaching the children

May 2018 Prayer Letter from the Cambodia Mission by Mr. Touch Am

Posted on Jun 1, 2018

Dear Supporters,

Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I give thanks to God and Pastor Mark who started this mission in Cambodia. Especially, I appreciate his training and encouraging me to be a minister of the Church. I always remember his words, as he urged me to be faithful in taking care of the flock with patience, endurance, and love. I might have a hardship and suffer, but the Lord will bless me and be with me as my Helper. With these encouraging words I always take heart and watch out in my daily work.

So now, what I am trying to do is focus on teaching and leading the adults to be  good Christians. I must teach them to have a right faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As you may know, the faith of Christians in Cambodia is so weak. Some of them come to church because they want something from the church. This is because over the last ten years they were spoiled by some foreign missionaries. They brought a lot of gifts to share in their church. Some of them even give money for those who come to their church. This seemed like they are hiring people to come to church or to believe in God. That is one reason why their faith is not the right faith. This is not a true faith who can get blessings from God.

I always remember his words, as he urged me to be faithful in taking care of the flock with patience, endurance, and love.

Now I want to see the revival of Christian faith in Cambodia. I will start with this small mission by teaching them to stand up and depend on God. I will encourage them to have a real faith from the bottom of their hearts. In the name of Jesus Christ I hope that they can stand up with their faith to support themselves and the mission.

With a willing heart and expectation from above, let me share with you some of our prayer requests as we need your prayers.

  • Please pray for the children at Prey Pdao; many of them do not come to study with us.
  • Please remember Om Ton as a new believer at Prey Pdao. Pray that he can continue to endure by faith and walk in the Lord. Also pray that God will give him a gift of sharing his love to people in  the village. That people and children will love him more and more, so they can come to study at his home.
  • Please pray for each member at Kpbaom, that God may protect, guide, and bless them according to their work.
  • Please pray for Mr. Touch and Mr. Srong that God provides good health, strength, and courage for the gospel.

Mr. Touch Am     


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