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August Banner Article: Team Timothy NorCal Engages in Broad Ministry by Dr. Len Pine

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

Another successful Team Timothy ministry has been concluded, by God’s grace! Team Timothy NorCal was comprised of Jan Southerland, Kelsey Southerland, Leah Dykstra, and Cassy Emery from Grace BPC in Sharonville, OH; sisters Ellie and Chloe Sawaya from the Tacoma BPC; and Pastor Casey Southerland and myself as co-leaders. The team traveled to Weed, California, and assisted one of the newer churches in the denomination, Trinity BPC, in their outreach goals. The small congregation, pastored by Justin Hoke, hopes to move to the larger town of Yreka, about a half hour north. We began our efforts at the Siskiyou County “Golden Fair,” handing out several hundred gospel pamphlets prepared by Pastor Justin. May the Lord use the message of reconciliation in those pamphlets to bring people to Christ and lay a foundation for future work in Yreka.

Following a truly special Lord’s Day of worship and fellowship, our week began with evangelistic efforts in a local Yreka park in the mornings, using excellent Bible story scripts written by Leah and Cassy. Team members narrated these interactive scripts while children acted out the story with costumes and props. Though not many children came, the effort was clearly a blessing to those who participated. We suspect that a big reason children and their families didn’t come out as anticipated was the tremendous amount of smoke in the area due to the horrendous fires everywhere.

That smoke prompted us to cast our ministry eyes farther afield in the afternoons. Since the church has not yet moved to Yreka, we looked at the city of Redding (about an hour and a half south of Weed) where the “Carr Fire” just west of town had consumed over a 1,000 structures and claimed more than a dozen lives. We were able to connect with the relief efforts through Samaritan’s Purse and minister to several families during the week, literally sifting through the ashes of people’s homes to help them find anything left of value that they could hold onto as they tried to rebuild their lives.

Many thanks to all who helped the team get to California and for the gracious hospitality of our hosts at Trinity! Be watching for more information about our next Team Timothy ministry, planned for January of 2020, to minister in the jungles of Peru on the tributaries of the Amazon.


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