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October 2018 Prayer Letter from Mr. Touch Am in Cambodia

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Dear Friends,

In my ministry life I realize that God is always working with His people. Thank you for praying for our spiritual growth and wisdom. Thank God that some believers keep the Sabbath day very well. Some are slowly growing spiritually, but they are the sheep of God. It is God Himself who has called and brings them from the past to the present. I am just a shepherd, called for the work of the gospel. So I must shepherd them as the one shepherded in love.

I am a young man who always wants to get a benefit quickly from all activity, both spiritual and physical. God is teaching and showing me one thing from the perspective of Philip’s life. Philip’s journey is a unique story, introduced several times by the Apostle John. Philip is one disciple who directly heard this important calling from Jesus’ own lips. In this sense, Philip takes an important place in the study of the spirituality of following Jesus. He is a disciple who followed Jesus and had heard, touched, experienced, and seen all the work of Jesus by day and night for three years, but he is pathetically slow to understand what his Master desires. Whenever Jesus started to test his faith, Philip’s response, based on his human calculation, only focused on the impossibility and hopelessness of meeting the need of the crowd (John 6:7). He was not able to see things through the spiritual lens of who his Master was and what He was able to do, although he had seen Jesus’ power (John 2:1–11). Philip’s request in John 14:8,  “Lord, show us the Father,” reflects the fact that he had failed to see the Father in Jesus. By the reflection of this revelation, it proves the slow nature of spiritual growth which happens to every sinner, including me. It always happens in the flocks of God.

Lastly, God makes me acknowledge that in order to feed the flocks of God, time is needed. It cannot be rushed according to my own will. I must deal with them by patience, endurance, and time. It takes time for them to grow. I must spend more years to tend God’s flocks. Christians in Cambodia are slowly growing, but I believe and hope that God will work through Christian education or Sunday school. At that time all Christians will stand up and be able to support or send missionaries outside of Cambodia, like Korea or the USA.

Here we have some prayer requests:

  • Please pray for the children in each village that they really commit to the Lord by faith. Pray that they would seek God and come closer to Him.
  • Pray for the stubborn hearts of unbelievers in each village that God will open their hearts and provide the seed of faith to them.
  • Pray for the congregations that they would grow in wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Pray for the preparation of the “Sharing Good News” group. May God provide them wisdom and the heart of commitment to serve Him.
  • Pray for my health and strength as I study, work, and serve in ministry on the weekend.

Mr. Touch Am     


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