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Cloete family at ordination - edited for web

December 2018 Prayer Letter from Rev. Louis Cloete

Posted on Dec 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

Through our years in the Lord’s work, my wife Lizette and I have given our lives to minister to those whom God has sent us. Now, the Lord is preparing us for the next field of labor. We have joined the Bible Presbyterian Church, and I’ve been approved as a missionary candidate by Presbyterian Missionary Union, which leads me to our big news: by July 2020 we plan, the Lord willing, to be on the mission field in South Africa!

What have we been doing to reach this goal? 

As born Afrikaners, Lizette and I are well suited to work in a culture that is familiar to us. Lizette’s experience as occupational therapist, and my pastoral experience and theological training are valuable assets for preparing for a church plant in South Africa. Additionally, I have been teaching at John Wycliffe Theological College and have acquired a network of supportive people who are eager for us to begin working in that country. Now after years of diligent training, building, and saving—we are taking the first steps towards this goal!

Welcome home, Pretoria. 

Pretoria is like no other place on earth. It is the capital of South Africa, which has the most advanced economy in Africa. Pretoria is home to the largest concentration of Afrikaners in the country and the cultural heart of the nation. To say that Pretoria is influential is an understatement. It is home to several colleges and universities, and some large factories are within its boundaries. However, faithful Reformed and Presbyterian churches are becoming increasingly rare with only a handful of congregations in a city of almost 3 million inhabitants.

We are planting a Presbyterian church right in the heart of this influential and diverse community.

That’s why we are calling this the Welcome Homemission. We want to bring people home: to Christ, to eternity, and to God’s family.

We are uniquely called and qualified to reach Pretoria.

We’ve all heard of apartheid, but few have heard of the desperate situation of the Afrikaner nation today. Liberal theology has had a devastating effect on Afrikaners, where the hope found in the gospel is increasingly being replaced by a man-centered religion. Yet we desire to see a faithful church home for the people of Pretoria. Our goal is to have weekly Lord’s Day worship services by August 2020. We believe we’re uniquely qualified to reach this community:

· We know Pretoria. We grew up there, went to college there, and worked there.

· Our past ministry experience helps us understand church planting.

· We believe the Lord has granted us the gifts to reach this city for Christ.

· We have the support of experienced church planters and missionaries to mentor us every step of the way.

· We have the support of other local pastors. Our heart is to reach Pretoria…together.

Would you give financially to this mission work?

Lizette and I have already made our faith promise to this mission along with many others. So far, a number of congregations have committed to support us financially! Would you join us in giving to the launch of this mission work?

Our Financial Outlook.  Our goal is to raise $92,100 by June 1, 2020.

$6,000 – travel expense. This is an immediate need which will help to cover my 2019 travel expenses within the USA as I visit partners contributing to this work.

$31,500 – outgoing expense. This includes the initial expenses to set up house on the field. Airfare, shipping household belongings, buying any needed furniture, vehicles, and office equipment are included under this category.

$5,200 – ministry expenses. We love serving the Pretoria community, but it costs money. Telephones, printer and other expenses related to ministry will be needed. Outreach initiatives are included here for the purpose of strengthening relationships and gaining exposure.

$49,400 – salary package. To cover rent, food, and other household expenses for the first year.

How You Can Help. 

Send a one time gift to get us to South Africa.  We have a big push to make at the outset, and one-time donations will go far in helping us get to South Africa. This would meet the need for $6,000 in travel and $31,500 in outgoing expenses.  Below is an individual breakdown of what we need to get us on the field. Would you take one of these slots?

Partner with us to sustain the work with a monthly pledge.  Even more significant is the need for ongoing, regular monthly giving to our support account. Our monthly support need in 2020 is currently anticipated to be $4,550. In addition to the initial push to get us there, would you prayerfully consider committing to stand alongside us on a monthly basis going forward?

PMU has made it easy to give.  You may donate by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer through PMU’s website, Additionally, checks are also welcome and should be mailed to PO Box 879, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805.  (Many donors prefer to set up automatic checks from their bank; this method carries no fee to PMU.)  Please note on the memo or reference line “preferenced for South Africa/Cloete,” so that donations will be credited towards my fund.

Your gift will be handled with complete integrity through the Presbyterian Missionary Union (PMU) which is a charitable tax-exempt organization under Code Section 501 (c) (3). The office supplies donation receipts for your tax records. Please contact the office at or 208-267-9608 for further information.

You are giving to a lasting work. 

Our goal is not just a one-time event or a blip on the screen. We’ve diligently prepared for the long-haul. Our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in Pretoria.

Help us launch a life-giving church in the heart of one of the most influential communities on the African continent. Help us launch Reformation South Africa. Help us bring the people of Pretoria…home.


Louis Cloete

Missionary Candidate to South Africa

PS:  If you would prefer to receive this letter via email, please write us at  Thank you!

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