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On the Banks of the World’s Greatest River by Dr. Leonard Pine

Posted on Feb 11, 2019

Calling all intrepid adventurers! Team Timothy Peru 2020, scheduled for January 3-17, is going to be an amazing team! Village ministry in the jungles of Amazonia, accessed only by boat, will stretch team members in a powerful way as they learn to depend upon the Lord in a place that pretty much wipes out most of the creature comforts to which we are accustomed. Throw in the rainy season, and the discipleship package is complete! The team will participate in music ministry, children’s work, general evangelistic efforts, teaching, even light construction projects. It’s a lot to cram in to a two-week ministry! The people there are excited about this opportunity of mutual service, which is now happening after a long-standing invitation to come. There is also the potential of future BPC church planting missions work in view, again, at the invitation of the local church there. We’re praying for a team of at least ten individuals to make as much of an impact for the gospel as we can in the time we have there.

We know it is hard to plan so far in advance, so we are extending the application by an entire month to February 28. Frankly, if you or someone you know is interested but cannot commit even by then, we’d sure like to hear that so we can keep prospective team members in the loop. The application, though, of course, would be preferred! Please join us in prayer for this marvelous opportunity .

(You may download an application here:

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