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Welcome Home Team Timothy: Peru!

Posted on Feb 7, 2020

Thank you to all the people who supported the Team Timothy trip to Peru, both financially and in prayer! Through God’s grace, the team was able to accomplish its mission and the trip was a blessing to the entire team! Praise God for His faithfulness!

Picture Notes:

  1. The team heading down to the boat in Picuro Yacu.
  2. The crowded boat—people were also sleeping under the hammocks!
  3. On the way to VBS.
  4. Fun local wildlife.
  5. Pato, pato, ganzo! (duck, duck, goose)
  6. Field Director, Pastor Casey, hard at work!
  7. Michaela Sharpshair helping with VBS.
  8. Getting an early morning start!
  9. An overloaded truck taking supplies to the boat.
  10. More work with Pastor Casey and Jonas Kalich.
  11. God’s beautiful creation!
  12. A sacred concert in Picuro Yacu village.
  13. The Wordless Book Song in Spanish, with translation.
  14. Pastor Len Pine at sunset on the Amazon.
  15. Michaela Sharpshair’s hammock hung on the edge of the boat!
  16. Part of the team at a sacred concert.
  17. Children wearing their armor of God!
  18. Danielle Blizzard playing with children in Sapuena.
  19. Pastor Casey, Susan Young, and Sandy Silvashy retrieving water.
  20. Pastor Casey makes a friend!


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