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Planting Churches with PMU by Rev. Casey Southerland (April 2020 Banner)

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Did you know that a significant part of PMU’s work is accomplished through church planting? That’s right. On home and foreign mission fields, PMU is partnering with ministers, churches and presbyteries to see Christ’s Church multiply around the world and in the US. In this month’s article of the Missions Banner you’ll hear from some of our missionaries about the work they’re doing to plant faithful churches.

Our Church Planting Fund is currently helping to support three US-based missionaries laboring in totally different contexts, while proclaiming the same gospel. Rev. Frank Liu is planting a church that currently meets in a Christian School in St. Paul, Minnesota. He ministers to a broadly diverse community with members and attendees from around the world.  Rev. Jason Waeber is laboring in Lockland, Ohio, an economically depressed suburb of Cincinnati. His church meets in a storefront. Rev. Andy Yong is working to plant a Korean-speaking church. That work is hosted by Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church, in Tacoma, WA. In addition to these, PMU works with Rev. Khawl Ro Kima and Yangon BPC to plant churches throughout Myanmar.In this edition of the Missions Banner you’ll get a sample of the work that they’ve been doing recently.  

For more information on church planting in the US, I would recommend to you the brochure entitled “Starting a Bible Presbyterian Church.” This brochure is one of several Downloadable Resources  here on our website. The brochure outlines the spiritual nature of the work, some of the challenges that are faced, and the care that must be taken to establish a church firmly on the foundation of Christ. In addition, it gives practical steps for planting a Bible Presbyterian Church.

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