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3rd Qtr Prayer Letter from Rev. Kima in Myanmar

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

Dear Beloved Friends in Prayer,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for your unceasing prayer for me and for the mission works in Myanmar. I cannot express how much I do appreciate you all for your partnership.

Since my last prayer letter was in March, I will share with you some of my experiences since that time.

First of all, we had the BP church fellowship meeting successfully from April, 13-16, at Thinglei mission station. Around 200 BP members came together at the fellowship. We greatly enjoyed the meeting. In fact, it was one of the big events for us. I had two days of teaching on the subject of Christian Stewardship.

Secondly, as you might know already, I had the privilege of visiting our sponsoring churches in the US, participating in some of the youth camps, and also attending the 81st BPC Synod meeting in Canada. I greatly enjoyed the trip. And in fact I met many of you when I was over there.

Thirdly, my son, Andrew, was admitted to the hospital in August due to a high fever. Thank God he recovered after four days of intensive care.

Fourthly, the Covenant BP church of Perth, Australia, bought a truck for the orphanage children’s school transportation.  It is really a big help for them.

Here are some prayer requests that I humbly ask you for prayer:

First, please pray for Dr. Len Pine as he is planning to come in December to give us training.

Secondly, continue to pray for Andrew and Ma Dongi (my wife Mawite’s half-sister); both need an operation.  My son Andrew needs his tonsils removed; whereas, Ma Dongi needs a breast operation.

Finally, pray for us as we are planning to start another church planting work in the coming years. Pray that we may find the right place (location), the right church planter, and the right timing.

Thank you once again for your deep concern and prayer. Serving the Lord together with you is a great privilege and joy for me.

Sincerely in His service,

Rev. Khawl Ro Kim

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