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4th Qtr Prayer Letter from Rev. Doug Leaman in Brazil

Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Dear Friends,

Recently, I received a request to share with you a bit about what is going on with the Leaman family in Brazil, and I appreciate being asked and am happy to give this family update. 2017 has been a year of many changes. I will try to share a few of those changes with you, and then let the boys answer a couple  of questions, so you can see their response to living in Brazil.

The biggest change has been the move back to homeschooling for the first time since we arrived in Brazil. Over four years ago, the boys started school in Recife on the first day of arrival. There are a lot of reasons that we chose to go back to homeschooling that would be too difficult to explain here. We are thankful that the boys were able to learn Portuguese and dive head first into the Brazilian culture.

If I could count up the inches and the pounds that have been gained in the past couple of years, I think it would be startling. Zayin, who just turned 14 is 6’2” and wears size 13.5 shoes. That almost means he will not be able to find shoes to purchase in Brazil. The boys’ main energy outlet, and there is a lot of that, is going down stairs where the apartment building has a little soccer/basketball court. The brothers get a good game of three on three court-soccer going, as Silas just runs around, cries and gets in the way. First one to fifty goals wins!

Here are the boys’ answers to a few questions about life

in Brazil.

What is one of your favorite things in Brazil?

Silas (2):  Silas’s bi-lingual mind has still led to a bit of difficulty expressing himself fully in English or Portuguese. Recently, however, we have seen big jumps in the pronunciation of various English words and phrases. At this point he seems to be pretty bossy and has an active and creative mind.

Roman (7): “I like to go to “RioMar” [mall in Recife] and play with my friends at the places here.”

Lukas (8): “I like to go down and have a good time playing soccer with my brothers.”

Solomon (10): “I like the hot weather.”

Titus (12): “Soccer, friends and food.”

Zayin (14) “Feijoada [a traditional Brazilian dish], soccer and beaches.”

Darius (15) “Really nice black feijoada with a little bit of farinha and vinegrete. Definitely soccer. It is nice to have people to train your soccer skills with. It is easy to make friends here like in the USA.”

What do you miss from the USA?

Silas:  Nothing to say

Roman: “I miss Lego Land.”

Lukas: “I miss the tree house at grandpa and grandma’s house.”

Solomon: “I miss the snow, and I miss catching snakes.”

Titus: “I miss cousins, friends, food and basketball, and to be able to live in a house and snow and the parks.”

Zayin: “Being able to live in a house and having the freedom to do what you want in the back-yard. I miss friends and family but of course that is included…”

Darius: “I miss my good friends and family. I miss occasionally eating fast food. I miss having spontaneous adventures with friends and family.”

The Lord has blessed Leah and me with seven wonderful and healthy boys. The boys have given us many opportunities to speak in various contexts about what God’s Word has to say about the importance of the family. God’s Word gives us an unchangeable and perfect standard to guide every family. Thank you all for your prayers for our family.

 Rev. Doug Leaman

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