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2019, 10 Yong family edited (sm web)

Nov-Dec Banner Article: Greetings from the Yongs

2019, 10 Cambodia children, edited

Cambodia Mission Prayer Letter, October 2019

Sewing Class w Kima, edited

Myanmar Prayer Letter, October 2019

Garage door renovations, edited

Douma Prayer Letter (October 2019)

st paul police with Liu, edited

Liu Prayer Letter, September 2019

2019-10 Douma Doug with hikers edited

Candid Shots From the Appalachian Trail by Rev. Douglas Douma (October 2019)

Backyard Bible Club edited

The Necessity of Giving All by Mr. Jason Waeber (October 2019)

2019, 10 Leaman reunion edited

Celebrating a Godly Legacy by Rev. Doug Leaman (October 2019)

2019, 10 Yong children's message edited

The Threat of Humanism by Rev. Andy Yong (October 2019)

Pines retirement wide

PMU Annual Council Meeting: Building on a Strong Foundation by Rev. Casey Southerland, PMU Field Director

2019 PMU Missions Map CORRECTED.jpg

PMU Missions Map

ATonement Bible study

Waeber Prayer Letter (July, 2019)

pray seats filled

Yong Prayer Letter (July, 2019)

prayer time

Myanmar Prayer Letter (July, 2019)

PMU OH office 1

Mobilization Alert! by Rev. Casey Southerland (Banner 7/19)

TT Peru 2020 students

Team Timothy Peru: It’s All Spanish to Me! by Dr. Len Pine (Banner 7/19)

gW article

The Word of God and Modern Missions by Rev. G. W. Fisher

MN outreach

Hopeful to a “Tea:” Reaching Those in Crisis by Rev. Frank Liu (Banner 7/19)


Faithful Laborers

PMU OH office

June, 2019 Prayer Letter from Rev. Casey Southerland

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