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September Banner Article: Change is in the Air by Dr. Len Pine

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

We typically use the phrase “a change is in the air” when referring to the passing of the seasons, but it’s also appropriate when changes present themselves in our daily lives. So it is with the ministries of PMU at times. At our annual meeting, we discussed two big changes in the way that we will be working with two of our fields, and I want you to know about them.

In Cambodia, I’m sure you’re well aware by now that Pastor Mark and Wiwin Baldwin and their family will be leaving the field in the coming months, as soon as Wiwin’s visa is approved to travel to the US and live here. And their support account was sufficiently built up to provide an ample severance package to help them in the transition to life in the US. But though the Baldwins’ labors there are coming to an end, PMU’s support of the church planting work through the nationals is not. Touch Am, the young man preparing for the ministry whom Mark has mentored to be his replacement, will need our ongoing help to complete his schooling and carry on the work in the villages. With no jobs to be had in the countryside, weekly travel expenses will continue. And we have committed ourselves to being sure that his school fees are covered, and living expenses, at least through the next two years. Though the financial level of support needed is less, of course, it is still needed, so we would ask that you keep Cambodia in your budget.

Our request for Myanmar is very similar. By original agreement, Pastor Kima has been supported by PMU on a reducing scale to encourage the local church there to take on his support fully. By the grace of God, what many in Myanmar declared was impossible has taken place: the Yangon church is self-supporting! But the need to continue the ongoing outreach of the mission stations around the country and the orphanage remains. As of January 1, 2018, Rev. Kima, in other words, will no longer officially be a PMU missionary; he will remain simply a minister in the Great Lakes Presbytery laboring in Myanmar. As in the Baldwins’ case, Pastor Kima also is being provided a severance. But the ministry line from the Myanmar account will be maintained so that the goal of establishing at least one presbytery, if not two, in the coming decade may be realized. Please do keep the field of Myanmar in your budget and your prayers.

As time goes on, you’ll notice that our communications with you about these fields will focus on the fields themselves and the work the nationals are doing there. These precious saints need our ongoing, faithful support. Join us in this effort as the Lord enables! Thank you.

Dr. Len Pine

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