Empty Eye Socket Dream Meaning and Significance!

An empty eye socket dream meaning can be deciphered in numerous ways from, depression, disappointment, loss, and being hunted. Eyes are symbols of vision(light or darkness), wisdom, and ignorance. Hence, having an empty eye socket dream is pointing out essential lacking areas of life.

As terrified as you may seem, an empty eye socket dream is one of the regular dreams anyone could face. If not for anything, be grateful for the fact that you’re spiritually awake and you’re able to see things happening around you.

To understand the empty eye socket dream meaning, we are going to go through different sceneries and help you accurately understand the message your dream is passing to you.

What Do Eyes Stand For In Dreams?

Dreaming about eyes is common as most of us may have had dreams related to the eyes like an empty eyes socket dream which can be very terrifying as you may only see a head without eyes and body or you may see a figure without eyes walking towards you or pointing at you. As scary as this may seem, it calls for no worries.

When you have dreams like these, the first thing you want to do is to try and recall every scene which you can, and pay attention to the important details which in this case is an empty eye socket. Your message lies in the context of your dreams.

The eyes are symbolized as the “windows of our souls”. In our physical world, our eyes lead us to profit, loss, destruction, lust, envy, and so on. Hence, damage to the eyes means our source of light, intuition, and how we experience the world is lost, but how does this relate to your dream?

What Does it Mean To Have A Dream About Eyes?

When you have dreams about eyes, your soul is drawing your attention to things taking place around you. Giving you the ability to understand blissful areas of your life that you need to explore or an insight into destruction which is about to or has taken place around you.

In the time of the old, dreams about eyes were understood to mean awareness, realization, judgment, and light. If you are used to meditation, you cannot downplay the importance of shutting your eyes, it awakens your soul, and intuition, and give you a path to navigate tough situations.

Empty Eye Socket Dream Meaning

An empty eye socket dream is a pointer to the absence or loss of something important in your life, or it’s defining your physical blindness to an imminent danger.

An empty eye socket dream can be understood as a lack of insight and vision from you which could lead to darkness. This could be the betrayal of a spouse as a result of your lack of apathy towards the relationship, a breeding opportunity in your workplace that could lead to your promotion which you’re taking advantage of or a valid between you and your kids as a result of not being available when they need you.

It’s time to OPEN YOUR EYES before it’s too late. Stop being rigid and open up to opinions and ideas from other people. Guard and watch out for yourself, and your family. Take every single threat to your well-being seriously during this period.

If you’re depressed it’s time to step out of the darkness and move into the light. Whatever the case may be, the loss of a spouse, or a sack at work, it’s time to get back to your feet and awaken to new opportunities that are waiting for you.

Biblical Meaning Of Eyes In Dream

Having dreams about eyes is not ” rodents living in the sea” anyone could have these dreams at anytime. As a spiritual person who is making efforts to grow further, having a dream about eyes can be unsettling. The Bible opines eyes to be a symbol of light, knowledge, darkness, understanding, ignorance, and your character as a whole.

Psalm 199:18 says ” open my eyes that it may behold wonderful things about your law.” The eyes are our key to understanding. If things seem to be working in terrible ways, the eyes provide us with a vision to understand the situation.

As a Christian, having dreams about eyes is a wake-up call for you to discover your purpose in life. It’s not just okay to attend church services morning and night, what if your purpose is to reach out to deprived people and lend a helping hand, maybe that is where help may locate you.

Dream about eyes is a pointer that God needs you to set your attention on something irrespective of what you may be doing now. Depending on the context of your dream, it could mean that the basis for confusion in your life has been cleared and you have been given direction to handle problems in your life.

The eyes are not just windows to your soul but. They are the lamp of your entire body, when your eyes are faulty your body is filled with darkness, while a healthy eye makes the body full of light. (Like 11:34).

When Jesus used this parable in the Bible, he noted the eyes as the torch that lights our bodies up. Our eyes serve as the door to our heart and mind, a door to our soul. This scripture shouldn’t confuse you as a bad eye refers to spiritual decimation and a good eye refers to spiritual awareness.

Regardless, an empty eye socket dream or any eye dream points to the necessity for you to open your eyes and take action.

What Does it Mean If You Dream About Your Eyes?

Dreaming about your eyes represents the void in your family. If you have a significant role to play that you have not been involved in, this is the time to get back to them.

The first time I had an empty eye socket dream, the eyes I saw were my own eyes. It was more like I saw my ken figure, but my eye socket was empty. I panicked, prayed, and felt I was going to get blind, but not too long after I had that dream my parents opted for a divorce.

Before that dream, I noticed a cold relationship between my parents and how they stopped relating the way they used to while we were growing up. I always wanted to interfere and help them talk about their differences so they could amend whatever they may be doing that is hurting the other person.

When I heard of the impending divorce and my mother moved out of the house, I recalled my dream of open eyes socket. This was when I realized my attention was drawn to a failing relationship around me. Don’t wait till you become like me who is burdened by regrets of not taking action when I could. Analyze your life right now and begin to make the necessary amendments.

Eyeball Coming out Of Socket

If you ever have a dream of your eyeballs coming out of the socket, it is a terrible dream. It’s a preparation for a terrible situation to which you may lack easy solutions, which may pilot your life toward darkness. Observe things in your life, are you about to involve yourself with a wrong deal, do you go for routine medical checkups? do you pray against deformation and accidents?

This is a time to sit up spiritually and take control of your life and the situation surrounding you.

What Could It Mean To Dream About Going Blind

If you went blind in your dream, it is spiritual death. Are you backsliding and taking things about him for granted? This is the time to get back on track.

Losing your eyesight also means hardship. A blind man may be able to navigate his environment, but it becomes 30 more difficult than a man who could see. This dream could be pointing your attention to hardship and sorrow.

What Does it Mean If Our Eyes Can Barely open In The Dream?

This dream of your eyes not being able to open properly points to a crooked situation that you’re trying to aid or that you’re aware of. For you to have this dream, means the outcome will not be favorable to you. If you can, cancel all your involvements and keep your hands clean.

Final Thoughts

Empty eye socket Dream meaning can be beat understood with the context of your dream in mind. If you have such terrible dreams it is time to reflect on your life and change anything you’re doing that is leasing to the dream.

Thankfully, dreams are there to warn and prepare us for times ahead. Pray and ask God to help you resolve any danger and resolve the problem that is within your power. Do you have any questions regarding this article, get in contact with us or leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible?

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