Our Fields

Active Foreign Fields

    • Partnering with US and foreign national missionaries to carry out their calling under Christ's Great Commission and [...]  Read More


Church Planting

    • Establishing new, local, Reformed and Presbyterian congregations is the heartbeat of PMU\'s mission. Though much of this effort takes place overseas, we desire to be of service in the [...]  Read More


Home Missions

    • Partnering with the Bible Presbyterian Church and local congregations in the common purpose of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission in [...]  Read More


Team Timothy / Short Term Missions

    • Photos, Information, and News about Team Timothy Short-term Mission trips.  Read More


Special Projects

    • In addition to our regular ministry activities in the USA and around the world, occasionally we are privileged to assist brethren of like faith and practice in some special need or project. Sometimes those needs [...]  Read More


Retired Missionaries

    • Celebrate the faithful service of our retired missionaries.  Read More