Idaho, USA

"As an arm of the Church, we desire to behold God, pursue godliness, and proclaim Christ in all the world.” — Dr. Len Pine


Bonners Ferry, Idaho

The Pines serve PMU and Providence Bible Presbyterian Church, PMU’s newest church plant, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

About Idaho


Official Name: Idaho
Capital City: Boise
(pop. 202,832) (2008 est.)
Population of  Idaho:

1,595,728 (2012 est.) (39th)
Pop. of Bonners Ferry:
2,500 (approx.)
Pop. of Boundary County:
10,808 (est. 2012)

The Pines


Dr. Len Pine has been serving the Bible Presbyterian Church in various capacities since 1979. Born and raised in the BP Church, he has had the privilege of ministering in hundreds of churches in the US and around the world. He has been serving as PMU’s Field Director since 2002. An experienced church planter, Dr. Pine is passionate about starting and helping new churches grow wherever God’s people gather.

Beginning in 2010, Len took on the task of establishing a new church in North Idaho. His ministry focus shifted temporarily to North American outreach in travel, fund raising, recruitment, and correspondence, as well as overseeing the general administration operations. He founded the Boundary County Chaplain Corps in 2013 to minister to first responders in North Idaho. Len reaches into the community in part by serving as a volunteer firefighter and reserve deputy. He also teaches at and serves on the Board of Western Reformed Seminary in Tacoma, WA. And now that the Idaho church is established, he has resumed his full duties, both foreign and domestic, as Field Director.

Dr. Pine and his wife, Karen, were married in 1985; they have two children and two grandchildren. Karen serves as PMU’s Office Manager. Like other missionaries, the Pines must raise their support to stay on the field. Please pray that the Lord will provide the needed financial support, wisdom, and physical and spiritual strength to remain zealously faithful to the work of supporting missions and missionaries.

PMU Office Prayer Requests (Southerland)

September 2019

  • The Church Planting Fund to be fully funded (2020 Goal: $33,000) and for pastors to answer the call and join in the work.
  • The Baldwin family as they move to their new home in Weed, CA. Pray that their transition to a new place goes smoothly and that they are able to settle quickly.
  • Team Timothy Peru. Pray for the team as they work to secure funding and for their spiritual preparation in the weeks before they travel.
  • Funding for Projeto Soli Deo Gloria and Rev. Doug Leaman as he works to get it up and running.

News from Dr. Pine

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Future Staff

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